Do you know the best "Tropic Thunder" quotes? The storyline to this sensational comedy is about a group of actors who are out on location in the jungle shooting a big action movie. Somehow they fall into real life danger and must become the characters they are portraying in order to survive. The best lines came from three of the star actors: Ben Stiller, the star of the film who played Tugg Speedman, Jack Black, who played Jeff Portnoy, and Rodney Downey Jr., who played Kirk Lazarus. The fun begins when the trouble starts when the characters are under siege.

  1. "In a weird way I had to sort of just free myself up to believe that is was ok to be stupid or dumb." - Tugg. In this "Tropic Thunder" quote Tugg expresses to Kirk how he feels about taking dumb acting roles. Kirk agrees but the way he agrees is almost calling Tugg a moron for real. Tugg is nonplused by it.

  2. "Doesn't matter what I do. I'll always be a screw-up no one will ever respect me." - Jeff. All actors are insecure. Jeff was simply stating to a fellow unit member how he feels.

  3. "I don't read the script. The script reads me." - Kirk. So not all actors are insecure as shown in this "Tropic Thunder" quote. Kirk has a huge ego.

  4. "I need to bite its hide... and wear its stomach like a unitard." - Jeff. Two things motivate Jeff in life. One is self loathing and the other is food. He sees an ox and wants to eat it.

  5. "Just because it's a theme song don't mean it's not true." - Kirk. The song in question is the theme song to the 70s hit comedy series "The Jefferson's." That was Kirk's way of encouraging the troop to move forward.

  6. "A little twig-man Oscar. I 'm going to call you half-squat, and you can call me... papa." - Tugg. A little boy offered tug a tooth-pick doll. Only an actor would see a doll as an Oscar.

  7. "Somebody said they were close to me?" - Tugg. Here Tugg was interviewed by Tyra Banks. A funny "Tropic Thunder" quote reveals Tugg the actor had zero friends.

  8. "What do you mean? Like, not on the same flight?" - Jeff. Kirk tries to explain to the unit that some will not all of them will make it back to civilization. This hilarious "Tropic Thunder" quote shows you that Jeff is a tad clueless.

  9. "I'm a rooster illusion." - Tugg. In the battlefield Tugg lost his mojo. His squad had to let him recompose himself before he could help lead them out of the jungle.

  10. "I know what dud I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!" - Kirk. By far the best and most memorable quote from the movie "Tropic Thunder." Kirk is a Caucasian playing an African American who's playing an actor in a film. Best line ever!

-Cynthia Gulley