Even if you’re not a child, you’ll still love the top funniest movies for kids. With imaginative plotlines and well-crafted humor, these movies can be appealing to adults and kids alike.

  1. “Shrek” Before Mike Myers and company ran the franchise into the ground, this movie for kids was fresh and original. 2001’s inaugural entry into the series will always be the best, telling a sweet and sentimental story about a misunderstood ogre. The fairy-tale satire is spot on, making this one of the funniest movies of the decade.

  2. “Toy Story” In 1995, Pixar utilized cutting-edge computer technology to create one of the all-time funniest movies for kids. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen lend their voice talents as a pair of toys struggling to find common ground within the confines of a child’s playroom. The superb script and timeless jokes make this movie a modern classic.

  3. “The Incredibles” Taking the tired superhero premise and turning it into an inventive movie platform, this 2004 movie for kids is engrossing as well as funny. The plot revolves around a family of superheroes forced to hide their powers from public backlash. Noteworthy voice actors Craig T. Nelson and Jason Lee are the highlight of this funny kids movie.

  4. “Aladdin” With Robin Williams lending his voice, this 1992 movie for kids could do no wrong. Williams is brilliant as a genie who grants wishes to street urchin Aladdin, leading the pair into an action-packed struggle against an evil sorcerer. Containing rapid-fire jokes and a compelling plot, this movie will keep any kid entertained.

  5. “A Christmas Story” As the lone holiday-themed entry of the top funniest movies for kids, this 1983 film stands alone. Peter Billingsley plays a cute Midwestern kid who longs to get a BB gun for Christmas. The quirky supporting cast makes this movie special, adding depth and sentiment to an already funny premise.

  6. “Monsters, Inc.” Computer animation was hitting its stride in 2001, and the increasing quality is evident in this funny movie for kids. John Goodman and Billy Crystal lend their voices as a pair of monsters who frighten kids for a living. Steve Buscemi also adds his incomparable brand of humor as a rival monster.

  7. “Big” Tom Hank’s best 1980’s film is also his funniest. In this 1988 movie for kids, Hanks plays a child desperate to grow up. Hilarity ensues when he gets what he wants, courtesy of a mysterious carnival game. Hanks is perfect for the role, bringing a funny and fitting innocence to his character.

  8. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” As the most underrated member of the top funniest movies for kids, this 1988 film never gets the respect it deserves. Bob Hoskins plays a washed-up detective who befriends a cartoon rabbit accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It’s a perfect blend of live-action and cartoon characters, seamlessly blending the two mediums within a funny and enveloping plot.

  9. “The Princess Bride” If you were a kid in 1987, you probably hold this funny movie in high regard. It stars Cary Elwes as a masked swordsman out to rescue his true love. This movie for kids manages to be funny throughout an iconic plot that’s part action, part romance, and all classic.

  10. “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”Paul Reubens brings his signature character to the big screen in this funny 1985 movie for kids. Reubens plays Pee-Wee Herman, a quirky and loveable oddball whose most prized possession is his bike. When his bike gets stolen, Pee-Wee embarks on a funny and memorable cross-country quest to retrieve it.