The top 10 comedy movies of 2008 have great plot lines filled with hilarious dialogue. All the movies have unique stories mixed with great comedic performances by new and veteran actors. If you're looking for a good laugh, watch one of the top comedy movies of 2008, because they will provide great entertainment.

  1. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" - This romantic comedy is about Peter dealing with television star Sarah Marshall breaking up with him. Peter goes to Hawaii for a vacation to clear his head, only to discover Sarah is at the same resort with her new rockstar boyfriend. One of the top comedy movies of 2008 because of Russell Brand's small but hilarious role as Sarah's boyfriend.

  2. Superhero Movie" - This 2008 comedy is a spoof movie, poking fun at the superhero films High school student Rick finds himself with super powers after being bitten by dragonfly, and uses his powers for good. It's a great comedic relief in the superhero genre, and has a realistic take on what would happen if super human powers existed.

  3. "Tropic Thunder" - This action-comedy is mockery of actors and their egos. The movie is about pampered actors filming a war movie in Asia, and soon find themselves in a real-life war situation. The hilarious over the top narcissistic characters is why "Tropic Thunder" is one of the top comedy movies of 2008.

  4. "Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay" - This raunchy 2008 comedy is about stoners Harold and Kumar getting into crazy situations. The sequel has the boys going to Amsterdam in search of Harold's crush. The slapstick comedy is mindless humor but will keep you laughing throughout the entire film.

  5. "The House Bunny" - This 2008 comedy revolves around Playboy Bunny Shelly getting thrown out of the Playboy Mansion because she's too old. Shelly becomes a house mom for a socially clueless sorority house, and she helps them gain self-esteem and popularity. The real Playboy mansion was used in the film, and Hugh Hefner has a cameo in this top comedy movie of 2008.

  6. "The Pineapple Express" - A stoner finds himself in trouble when he witnesses a murder. The stoner Dale brings his drug dealer into the mix and the two find themselves on the run. The insane situations and great one liners will keep you laughing.

  7. "Baby Mama" - Kate is a working woman that realizes her child bearing years are running thin. Once realizing she cannot conceive, Kate hires Angie to become her surrogate. Once Angie becomes pregnant, the two women get themselves in ridiculous situations. One of the top comedy movies of 2008 because the sensitive subject of infidelity was turned into a hilarious plot without being demeaning.

  8. "Bedtime Stories" - This comedy was released in 2008 and revolves around hotel handyman Skeeter having to babysit his niece and nephew. At night, Skeeter tells them bedtime stories which start coming true in hilarious ways during the day. Russel Brand has a minor yet extremely comedic role.

  9. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." - Zack and Miri try to get out of debt by making a porno. The plot turns comedic when you see the awkward cast and even more awkward situations they get into. Great characters mixed with laugh out loud moments makes this one of the top comedy movies of 2008.

  10. "Penelope" - This 2008 movie is a modern day romantic comedy that has a fairy tale feel. Penelope has a curse entailing she has a pigs nose until she marries her one true love. Primarily a laughable movie, but it also has some series notes. The comedy has a great moral about how you should love people as they are.