Laughter was not a difficult response to these top 10 comedy movies of 2007. There were several familiar comedians such as Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, and even Homer Simpson. Whether the subject is unprepared pregnancy, men figure skating, or being Santa Claus's brother—these comedy movies of 2007 will give you something worth laughing at.

  1. "JUNO". Unprepared teen pregnancy is normally not a laughing matter, unless it is a movie called "Juno". Also, comedies don't always win Academy Awards. But with an emotional core and memorable dialogue, "Juno" won one for writer Diablo Cody. It was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress in 2007. 

  2. "KNOCKED UP". Seth Rogen co-wrote and starred as a stoner/slacker who has a one night stand with a hot acquaintance he makes at a nightclub, and, well ... knocks her up. She begins to learn that he is totally not who she would prefer to be having a child with. Comedic guru Judd Apatow directed this 2007 hit comedy movie that grossed over $219 million dollars worldwide.

  3. "HOT FUZZ". If you enjoyed the quirky, visual gags of "Shaun of the Dead" directed by Edgar Wright, immediately watch his next movie, "Hot Fuzz". This 2007 comedy movie is actually an action comedy that makes fun of action movies—got it? A certain James Bond actor makes an appearance in the film.

  4. "BLADES OF GLORY". Watching Will Ferrell play an arrogant, sex-addicted, Olympic figure skater made for one of the funniest comedy movies of 2007. Especially when Jon Heder plays his reluctant partner with a completely opposite personality. This movie's glory came when it skated past its $61 million production budget by more than twice that amount.

  5. "SUPERBAD". This immensely lucrative teen comedy put Jonah Hill and Michael Cera on the Hollywood map in a huge way in 2007. All there characters wanted to do was party, which leads to hilarious mishaps. The movie created "McLovin-mania" with a certain awkward, skinny teen named Fogel.

  6. "THE SIMPSONS MOVIE". The long running animated television series "The Simpsons" has aired since 1989, and in 2007 this famous family made it into movie theaters. Even the movie "Spiderman 3", also released in 2007, wasn't safe from this comedy movie.  "Spider Pig, Spider pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does."

  7. "BEE MOVIE". If you need a star-studded animated comedy movie, put "Bee Movie" on your A-List. Jerry Seinfeld voices Barry B. Benson, a bumble bee who doesn't want to make honey for the rest of his life. The formidable voice list also includes: Chris Rock, John Goodman, Renée Zellweger, Mathew Broderick, Oprah Winfrey, Sting, Ray Liotta, Kathy Bates, Rip Torn and Larry King as a bee version of himself.

  8. "I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY". This 2007 comedy movie has exactly what any funny film needs - a hilarious concept. How about Adam Sandler and Kevin James playing two friends pretending to be gay to claim domestic partner benefits? The title says it all.

  9. "DAN IN REAL LIFE". Wouldn't it suck if the woman you were in love with was your brother's girlfriend? That is exactly what Steve Carell's character Dan is coping with in this 2007 comedy movie. His brother is played by the stand-up comedian/actor Dane Cook.

  10. "FRED CLAUS." This movie is an easy sell—Vince Vaughn from "Swingers" and "Wedding Crashers" plays Santa Claus's bitter brother who is not happy about moving to the North Pole. Here is another hilarious idea—rapper/actor Ludacris plays an elf. This 2007 comedy movie found a fresh spin to put on the "Christmas genre."