Looking for "Tommy Boy" quotes? The movie "Tommy Boy" was released in 1995 and starred Chris Farley and David Spade. Farley played Tommy Callahan Jr., heir to the Callahan Auto Parts company. When the plant is in danger of closing, Tommy sets out on a sales trip along with company accountant Richard (Spade). Predictably, Tommy is a terrible salesman and his trip with Richard is full of great quotes. Here are some of the best Tommy Boy quotes.

  1. "Fat guy in a little coat." - On one of the stops during the trip, Richard is in a bad mood because they aren't making any auto parts sales. In an attempt to cheer him up, Tommy puts on Richard's coat and begins swaying while singing "Fat Guy in a Little Coat." Shortly afterward, he splits the coat when he bends over.

  2. "Him too afraid to come out. Him just a little guy." - Tommy and Richard get into an argument during a car ride and Tommy pulls the car over to fight. He gets out and taunts Richard for not getting out, reciting this Tommy Boy quote in a feminine voice. Richard gets out of the car and knocks him out cold.

  3. "Can't believe you've never been cow tippin' before! Get ready to live." - When Tommy finally graduates from school after seven years, he takes Richard to a field to tip cows. Of course, he slips and falls face first into manure, causing the cows to stampede.

  4. "My fellow nerds and I will retire to the nerdery with our calculators." - Tommy's father, played by Brian Dennehy, takes Tommy on a tour of the auto parts factory. When Richard comes in with the latest company figures, he is ignored by Callahan Senior. He delivers this Tommy Boy quote before he leaves the room.

  5. "Shut up, dummy, it's not my fault!" - While arguing over the map on the road trip, Richard hits a deer with his car. The scene cuts away to show Tommy and Richard standing next to the carcass, sobbing. When Tommy tells Richard that the crash wouldn't have happened if Richard hadn't leaned over to insult him, Richard retorts with this quote in Tommy Boy.

  6. "Go away, let me sleep for the love of God!" - The last morning of the sales trip, Richard leaves the motel room to get breakfast. When he comes back to the room, he knocks on the door, waking Tommy up. Tommy shouts this quote after Richard pretends to be the housekeeper.

  7. "That's when the whores come in." - At a Callahan Auto Parts board meeting, one of the executives describes what will happen to the town's economy if the plant closes. An older female executive chimes in with this Tommy Boy quote. It's later revealed that her husband visited a prostitute once 50 years earlier.

  8. "Wha the American public doesn't know is what makes them the American public." - When the sales trip fails, Tommy seeks out Ron Zalinsky (Dan Akroyd), a prominent auto parts manufacturer for help. He finds Zalinsky to be a greedy jerk, despite his image as a friendly business owner. Zalinsky cements this impression with this quote from Tommy Boy.

  9. "I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem." - Tommy falls in love with Michelle, an order processor at the plant. When she offers him a doughnut, he declines, responding with this quote.

  10. "You're a smug, unhappy little man and you treat people like they were idiots." - Richard is determined to prove that he is a better salesman than Tommy. He fails miserably when his attempt to charm a customer is greeted with this response. Tommy fares no better during his pitch, though, and ends up pulling his hair out and shouting profanity at the client.

- Selena Robinson