Very few careers demand a constantly upbeat attitude but when you mix a career with a break up, you end up listening to the 10 best "Wedding Singer" soundtrack songs. Even clowns get to hide behind painted smiles, so when you combine manic depression with a career where you need to keep the love in the room alive a special kind of tragedy ensues. The '80s will always have their supporters and detractors, but these songs bring real smiles to faces and keep them there:

"Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" A Police classic that uses simple lyrics to cut to the heart of the matter. "The Wedding Singer" soundtrack would fall short if it never addressed the type of ethereal love that hits the heartstrings of the audience. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" is the kind of sublime song that can be listened to over and over, finding new meaning in each relationship as time passes.

"You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" Almost ubiquitously sampled everywhere, "You Spin Me Round" delivers immediate recognition in its opening beats as well as a singer that sounds so different than the regular singers featured in film. Bow your ears to its power throughout the ages. "The Wedding Singer" needs songs like these that spark nostalgia and recognition in both young and old.

"Boys Don't Cry" Leaving The Cure off a top ten would leave thousands of aging Goths dripping mascara. "Boys Don't Cry" delivers strong and keeps the mixed-up feel of "The Wedding Singer" soundtrack going. The amusing overtones of this song reverberate through the film helping it climb the list.

"Blue Monday" Another instantly recognizable song from the first few notes. The '80s and "The Wedding Singer" wouldn't be the same without "Blue Monday" taking them through the lowest of lows. A soundtrack needs feeling and the near robotic voicing of these feelings adds to the beauty of it.

"Do You Believe in Love" Huey Lewis always as the talent to come off as slightly silly and incredibly earnest simultaneously. This song keeps the masculinity of love while still preaching its wonders. "Do You Believe in Love" is the song you love to love but won't hesitate to mute when your buddies come over unexpectedly.

"Hold Me Now" A little piano, some deep bass and a great song about joy turning into sorrow makes this a great pick for "The Wedding Singer" soundtrack. The story "Hold Me Now" tells complements the film rather than taking a tangent. Hearing this can't help but transport a person to a past of sunshine and thunderstorms.

"Somebody Kill Me" Everyone has a song and a book in them and this is the song that adds dimensions to Adam Sandler's character. It is screeching but the truth doesn't have to be all smooth edges. The slow build up alone makes "Somebody Kill Me" worthy of this soundtrack.

"Don't Stop Believin'" A song everyone has sung alone to themselves and in cars on road trips with their friends. "Don't Stop Believin'" One of the original power ballads and thus a dichotomy unto itself, this song has the power to shift even the most comatose of people into waking. A clear hit out of the park but so well worn that it needs to take the list at a lower ranking.

"99 Luftballoons" A solid German contribution to the '80s. "99 Luftballoons" might be unintelligible to some but with a catchy opening and a frenetic chase through the rest of the song it secures it's place on the soundtrack list. Say what you will about the musicians of the 80s, their catchy hooks are second to none. 

"White Wedding" A classic that can't be ignored even if you want to avoid playing songs that yell out cliche wherever they appear. A highly recognizable song that had its moments but just won't close on that last second of its fifteen minutes of fame. Find the good amongst the bad in "White Wedding" then sit back and enjoy "The Wedding Singer" soundtrack.