The “Sweet Home Alabama” movie cast came together to present a chick flick that offers enough fun for guys to enjoy as well. The movie is a romantic comedy about a big city girl who returns to the backwoods, country home of her youth. "Sweet Home Alabama" rises above the generic offerings in its genre and remains a fun ride thanks in large part to this impressive cast.

Reese Witherspoon – The star of the “Sweet Home Alabama” movie cast is Reese Witherspoon. as it came out while Witherspoon was still a huge box office draw in 2002. She plays Melanie, a fashion designer in New York City who becomes engaged to a man named Andrew. The problem is she is still married to her old flame Jake, who has not signed the divorce papers after seven years of separation.

Josh LucasJosh Lucas is Jake, the old husband of Melanie, who refuses to sign the divorce papers. Josh still holds a candle for Melanie and always hoped for reconciliation. Josh Lucas is one of those actors with the familiar face that many people recognize but are unsure from where. Other than being part of the “Sweet Home Alabama” movie cast, he also starred in “Hulk” and the wonderful horror flick “Session 9."

Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey stars as Melanie’s fiancé Andrew in the “Sweet Home Alabama” movie cast, who is also the mayor’s son. He plays a guy who is not a bad person but just not who the audience wants to see Melanie end up with. It is a thankless role that Dempsey made his own. Dempsey is best known for his role on television as McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy", in which he starred for over six years.

Candice Bergen – Andrew’s mother and the main antagonist in the “Sweet Home Alabama” movie cast is Candice Bergen. She does everything in her power to insult the small town people and makes jokes at their expense the entire film. Of course, Bergen is very well known as the title character in the classic television series “Murphy Brown” while also appearing in the 2000 hit “Miss Congeniality.”

Ethan Embry – Ethan Embry stars as Bobby Ray, a closet homosexual that Melanie outs in the “Sweet Home Alabama” movie cast. Embry is pretty well known for appearing in fan friendly movies such as “Empire Records", “That Thing You Do” and as Rusty Griswold in “Vegas Vacation".

-Shawn Lealos