Quotes from the movie “The Ugly Truth” can be just the thing to lighten the mood at a stressful day at work. Here are the top five quotes from the movie:

  1. Mike Chadway: “You have to be two people. The saint and the sinner. The librarian and the stripper.” This line was used in reference of coaching Abby on how to flirt with Colin, but its applicable in many other situations. Toss a coworker this gem if they are struggling with balancing roles. Even if it doesn’t help them find order, it might crack a smile.

  2. Abby Richter: “Unless the NRA is paying your mortgage this month, I say lose the effing gun!” Perfect for any situation in which you need someone to not do something, say something, share something etc. It can uncomfortable to walk up to someone and say “don’t do that” so use this line to deliver the message with a comical overtone. 

  3. Abby Richter: “You have balls the size of a Volkswagen. Don't think I haven't noticed!” Some people just don’t take compliments well. It can make then blush and feel very uncomfortable. If someone us truly worthy of a compliment but telling them good job will embarrass them, throw this one at them. This is also a great line to deliver to boost confidence in someone

  4. Mike Chadway: “Men are incapable of growth, change, or progress.” A good basic quote when you are feeling a little female forward. Use this in an argument with your man, or to win over a general conversation.

  5. Abby Richter: “Oh, just doing the dishes.” This line will only be funny if they have seen the movie. Abby is dressed like a bombshell and when she answers the door she gives Colin this line. If you are one of those people who hate getting compliments, recite this back to acknowledge the sentiment without feeling completely awkward..