A classic Steve Martin comedy means that "The Jerk" quotes will always be timeless and hilarious. His bumbling manner offers both laughs and a look at the flaws that can blossom within us all as his character leaves home for the big, wide world. Set aside reality for a little while as you get to tag along with Martin through some handpicked quotes.

  1. "I was born a poor black child." The spit take this line should cause is everything you need to know about how this movie will progress. Steve Martin's character isn't the brightest bulb, but he was well loved and that can color your perception as much as any other force in the world. "The Jerk" makes the obvious into the hilarious as it jets Martin off into society. Luckily for you, Martin and society are both unprepared for each other.

  2. "I don't need this stuff and I don't need you. I don't need anything. Except this." Materialism can be seen as either a goal of humanity or one of its deepest vices. "The Jerk" gives a view into how consumerism can affect those who grew up with nothing. This line starts a downward spiral as Martin realizes how much he truly "needs" of the objects he's acquired, creating both humor and an objective revealing view as to how much he has changed in "The Jerk."

  3. "He hates these cans!" If you felt that a sniper attack couldn't be humorous, you have underestimated the characters in "The Jerk." With naivete comes the innocence that protects you from thinking anyone would ever want to hurt you as you've caused no one any harm. There's a special delight in watching the oblivious and "The Jerk" swims in those waters with Olympian skill. Not only do the cans suffer tremendous losses but you also get an affirmation of how Steve Martin's character, Navin, views the world around him.

  4. "You mean I'm gonna stay this color?" A film nestled like "The Jerk" in innocence runs the risk of creating an environment where the viewers laugh at the characters and not with them. Luckily the innocence comes with immense loads of charm and you laugh with and not at, thereby avoiding any mean spirited humor. The surprise jumps off the screen and you believe with him that it must just be something simple like not enough sun. A wonderful example if family conquering all differences..

  5. "If I had yelled 'cut' on time, those actors would be alive today." Quite possibly the best shilling for a product ever, this quote from "The Jerk" let's Carl Reiner tickle your funny bone. It's that special skewed view of "The Jerk" that lets it find the glaring but unasked questions about certain movie conventions like cars and their love of going off cliffs. If only all product ads were this funny.