These top “Talladega Nights” quotes will have you laughing. The movie stars Will Ferrell as top race car driver, Ricky Bobby. John C. Reilly plays his trusty sidekick, Cal Naughton Jr., while Sacha Baron Cohen appears as rival racer, Jean Girard. The movie is filled with hilarious one-liners like the ones listed below.

  1. “Shake ‘n bake!” This is the bizarre motto that Ricky and Cal share together throughout the movie. Before they whip past rivals on the racetrack, they shout out this “Talladega Nights” catchphrase.

  2. “You taste of America.” Effeminate Frenchman Jean Girard utters this funny “Talladega Nights” quote after Ricky kisses him. Ricky responds with a proud thank you.

  3. “Dear Lord Baby Jesus, I want to thank you for my two beautiful sons, Walker and Texas Ranger, and my red-hot, smokin’ wife, Carley.” This hilarious “Talladega Nights” quote is uttered by Ricky when he says grace with his family. Ricky explains that he likes to think of Jesus as a tiny baby and named his kids after the best TV show ever.

  4. “There’s nothing more frightening than driving with a live goddamn cougar next to you.” These words of wisdom are delivered by Ricky’s father, Reese. After this funny “Talladega Nights” quote, Ricky is forced to overcome his fear of racing by literally driving around with a cougar in his car.

  5. “Here’s the deal: I’m the best there is. I wake up in the morning, and I piss excellence.” Ricky utters this arrogant, but comical “Talladega Nights” quote. His character, however, does end up experiencing a loss of faith after a bad racing mishap.

  6. “I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger.” Cal describes his interpretation of Jesus to Ricky in this hilarious “Talladega Nights” quote. Throughout the movie, Cal provides different descriptions of Jesus and also thinks of him as a cool homeless person and an interpretive ice dancer.

  7. “You can’t have two number ones.” Ricky gives Cal this piece of wisdom about racing. Cal agrees with this “Talladega Nights” quote, replying that two number ones would make eleven.

-Layla Sinclair