Go on a time traveling journey with these “Hot Tub Time Machine” quotes. This 2010 comedy has some great funny quotes. The movie is about three friends, Adam, Nick and Lou, who discover that the hot tub at the winter resort they are staying at is in fact a time machine. Each of the guys has their own personal baggage they are dealing with: Adam was dumped by his girlfriend, Nick has a cheating wife, and Lou is an alcoholic. The resort was their old party spot but now it’s a dump. Adam’s nephew, Jacob, is with them when they are transported back to 1986. The group has to work together and figure out how to return to their time or Jacob might disappear.

“Don't fuckin' lie to me, every one of you people have Ritalin.” Lou (Rob Corddry). This is said to Jacob (Clark Duke) when Lou is stressed. This quote shows how out there Lou is. It also shows how Jacob is messed with in the group and treated as the "kid." It's one of the funnier lines in the movie. Later, Lou seduces Jacob's mom, Kelly (Collette Wolfe), and Jacob is conceived. Who his father is is a mystery at the beginning of the movie; it being Lou is just hilarious. 

“I wanna fuck something!” Lou. Nobody is more tempted to stay in the past than Lou. He’s unhappy with his current life and just wants to have fun.

“Great White Buffalo.” Nick (Craig Robinson), Adam (John Cusack) and Lou. This quote is whispered and repeated by the trio throughout the movie. It refers to an almost mythical creature. One of the instances this quote is used in "Hot Tub Time Machine" is when Adam describes how he broke up with his first love. The guys describe her as the "great white buffalo" or the one that got away.

“It's called male bonding okay. Haven't you even seen 'Wild Hogs'?” Lou. Lou has some of the funniest quotes in the movie. His life is also in shambles before their trip back in time and that makes him desperate to reconnect with his friends.

“Hey look, it's the douchbag from 'Karate Kid 3.'” Jacob. Blaine (Sebastian Stan) is the guy that beat up Lou when he was younger. The group makes fun of Blaine a lot because of his past treatment. They can also see him for the bully he really is now.

“Oh God! I'm gonna cum! Shia Lebeouf! I'm fucking Adam's sister! Dropping loads! So much fucking semen. Little Tiny Jacobs!” Lou. This is said by Lou to disclaim rumors of his impotence.

“He doesn't look cool." Kelly. This is said when Kelly sees her son, Jacob, and Adam tries to convince her that he's just a cool guy. Having your mom say you're not cool is just an epic diss.

Maybe what you need isn't in here. Maybe what you need, has been in here all along.” Repairman (Chevy Chase). Chase plays a small role in this film but he does it well. He is hinting about the magical ability of the time machine in this line.

“I need you to touch my arm or something. Just to see if I'm still real. Just see if you can like put your hand through me." Jacob.  This is said during the "mirror scene" where the group discovers that Lou, Nick and Adam appear to be their younger selves to everyone else, while Jacob is flicking in and out. It's also a very funny scene because Adam ends up slapping Jacob.

“If I wanted to kill myself, I'd fucking kill myself. I'd be awesome at it. A shotgun to the dick.” Lou. This is another outrageous quote from Lou. In the movie, he his obviously suicidal, but in this line he denies it.

- Tabatha Schroeder