Summer movies like American Pie are not terribly easy to come by. This is probably because raunchy teen comedies aren't usually commercially successful enough to qualify as summer blockbusters like American Pie did. But that doesn't stop the studios from trying, which means that if you look hard enough, you can find few that will appease your need to laugh at the misfortunes of teenagers. We all need to beat the heat somehow right?


The American Pie sequels

[caption id="attachment_219519" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Jason Biggs with his hand down his pants in American Pie 2"]


It may seem obvious, but the best way to get your fix of summer movies like American Pie is to go straight to the source. That is, check out the sequels. Both of the sequels in the "official series," American Pie 2 and American Wedding, have the same sensibility as the first American Pie movie (duh), and they were released in the summer too. Why settle for an imitation when you can get authentic-Jason-Biggs-sexually-humiliating-himself action?



[caption id="attachment_219520" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Alicia Silverstone getting mugged in Clueless"]


While it may not have the same level of raunchiness as American Pie, Clueless qualifies due to their similarly comedic approaches to life as an American teenager. If you're looking for scenes of apple pies getting penetrated, look elsewhere. But if you just want to laugh at teenagers in a sunny outdoor milieu—i.e. teenagers being stupid in Southern California—you've come to the right place!


Bring It On

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Hey, not all summer movies like American Pie are masterpieces. But Bring It On is high school movie that came out in the summer—what else do you want? Bring It On is a little more by-the-book than American Pie, focusing on a climactic cheer leading competition and all, but it still shares a certain sensibility with it—which is again, laughing at teenagers as they struggle with their "problems". It also follows in the grand American Pie tradition of having a ton of direct-to-video sequels that have almost nothing to do with the original. Not to mention, it features Hottie McHotkins (AKA Eliza Dusku) and Kirsten Dunst back when she was still cute.



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Finally, a summer movie like American Pie that actually comes close to matching its raunchiness factor. In the language-and-crudely-drawn-penises department, anyway. Its plot, involving two teenagers on a mad quest to get laid makes it similar to American Pie, and as an added bonus, most would agree that Superbad is a funnier, better, and more authentic depiction of teenage life than American Pie. So what we're really trying to say is that what you should be looking for is "summer movies like Superbad."


The House Bunny

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If this list is any indication, a good chunk of summer movies like American Pie are targeted at the fairer sex. The House Bunny is no different, featuring Anna Farris as a former Playboy bunny who becomes a sorority house mother. And unlike a lot of teen  comedies, it actually got a fair amount of critical praise, albeit praise that singled out Anna Farris' performance as being somewhat too good for the material. Still, it counts.


Your search for summer movies like American Pie might last until your dying breath, but this list should make your quest a little easier. If nothing else, the movies on this list will make remembering YOUR awkward teenage years that much easier/funnier. And if you're still in your teenage years now, uh, sorry?