Derrick comedy sketches are the web creation of five comedians that manage to write and performs skits that are hilarious and strangely relevant to this generation. Donald Glover may be best known for his role on the NBC smash "Community", but long before his success on the show, he was a familiar face with a cult following with Derrick comedy sketches that were featured prominently on the popular website

Bro Rape: Possibly the most popular of the Derrick comedy sketches, "Bro Rape" may also be the longest. Like many of the sketches, this one definitely speaks to a certain generation, one that knows what a "bro" really is from experience: a Natty Ice swilling, beer pong playing, 18-24 white male who plays x-box and likes "Family Guy". This "Dateline" spoof expose entails luring the potential bro-rapists to catch them red-handed.

Emo Songs: Completely lambasting the concept that young teenagers feel connected to the emo musicians who sing melodramatic songs, as if those songs are written exactly to their unique individuality and problems. Of course, problems that teenagers feel are pretty much standard, thus making this Derrick comedy sketch all the more hilarious. Singing about the mundane pain of people not understanding you, divorcing parents and wearing black.

Don't Jerk Off to This: One of the most bizarre Derrick comedy sketches, which is saying quite a bit. A group of friends enter a vacation home that adorns a picture of a bowl of fruit with a sign below it that commands "Don't jerk off to this!" Well why would anyone feel that a painting of a bowl of fruit might fulfill anyone's masterbatory fantasies? And yet, the guys just can't seem to squelch the temptation. Truly odd, but funny for reasons that may make even less sense than masturbating to a bowl of fruit.

Blow Job Girl: There are some girls who just can't give a good blow job. It might be too dry, or maybe they aren't careful with their teeth. This skit takes all of the potential issues of providing a quality blow job and reverses it in order to ensure a ridiculously terrible one. The clueless "blow job girl" is played by Ellie Kemper, years before she portrayed the naive and dimwitted Erin on "The Office".

Progression of a Mad Hatter: There is a reason why the Mad Hatter was so absolutely mad. The mercury that was used to make hats so many years ago would affect the hat makers in negative way, causing a slow fall to insanity. This Derrick comedy sketch takes that concept by briefly showing the mental disintegration of a man who decides to make hats the old fashioned way. Pure lunacy is always amusing, and Donald Glover manages to use his brilliant timing to great use with the most random assortment of wacky interactions between the mad hatter and his wife.

-Megan Bushree