One of the funniest takes on Hollywood requires what the 10 best "Tropic Thunder" soundtrack list delivers. From views on masculinity to playing the handicapped, this film throws punches at everything and everyone and needs the music to back that up. Taking nostalgia and adding some serious rock brings you a list like none other:

"Movin' On Up" A tip of the hat to the comedy that has gone before, "Movin' On Up" not only fits the mood but wraps itself around the actors and their struggles. A song that can't help but add levity and make the day better in the long run. Music that speaks to a commonality while delivering a full dump truck of emotions makes this a "Tropic Thunder" soundtrack must-have.

"Run Through the Jungle" A movie set in a jungle needs a rip-roaring tune that speaks to the situation. "Run Through the Jungle" adds that southern bayou feel as it accentuates the tension of the environment. A great song that supports a great film makes this an A-lister.

"Sadeness, Pt. 1" The mock trailers build the background for the rest of the film and "Sadeness, Pt. 1" gives a swift kick to both period pieces and your humor organs. As important as the trailers are to provide back story the music needs to be just as perfect. This makes the list for the interplay of its serious tones with the humor of the scene.

"Sometimes When We Touch" A quick blurb of a song yet it enhances the immorality of Ben Stiller's agent. A touching song for a shark of a man makes this something that the audience will remember. Comedy is about dichotomy and "Sometimes When We Touch" illustrates this perfectly, forcibly taking its spot on the "Tropic Thunder" soundtrack.

"Frankenstein" A great, insane instrumental that feeds the action. "Frankenstein" is a mish mash of parts that ends up being one heck of a sum. The "Tropic Thunder" soundtrack needed this perfect shot in the arm to strengthen it even more.

"Ball of Confusion" A song from The Temptations drives through with vocals that seem suited to anything that even hints at war. "Ball of Confusion" has that special beat that brings the seriousness that all comedies need even for a few seconds. It busts out and keeps on running as if it will never stop.

"I Just Want to Celebrate" Celebrating is one of those pleasant parts of life. Grounded yet uplifting, "I Just Want to Celebrate" takes the danger in the film and shows the way home. Comedy needs the straight laced in order to heighten the humor and that's why this track makes it onto the "Tropic Thunder" soundtrack list without hesitation.

"U Can't Touch This" A fun song that doesn't seem to want to break out of its own shell. "U Can't Touch This" helps bolster the silliness and fun. A track that is unrepentant like "Tropic Thunder" itself.

"Ready, Set, Go" This is a splash of ice water to the face. Fun and perpetually moving, it makes the "Tropic Thunder" soundtrack because it's a great accompaniment to an action/comedy. "Ready, Set, Go" feels like an old friend made new again.

"War" It's hard to have a mock war movie without "War." Although normally voiced as countrary opinion, this song is a great foundation for a comedy about a violent time. A track that delivers the goods but has enough sobering moments to just squeak in.