Lines from “The Hangover” are some of the funniest and most creative of any modern comedy movie. In this 2009 film, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis star as members of a wedding party staying in Las Vegas for a bachelor weekend. When the groom-to-be goes missing during a night of debauchery, they’ve got to piece the night together and get back home in time for the wedding. 

“I'm not supposed to be within two hundred feet of a school... or a Chuck E. Cheese.” - Alan Garner When it comes to lines from “The Hangover,” Zach Galifianakis’ character gets all the good ones. Alan is the brother of the bride-to-be, and he tags along with the gang in Vegas. This line is just one of his quirky comments from the movie.

“Tracy did mention we shouldn't let him gamble. Or drink too much.” - Doug Billings As future groom Doug, Justin Bartha is the most responsible in “The Hangover.” He’s charged with babysitting his soon-to-be brother-in-law. This cautionary line comes just before the group’s big night.

“You’re not really wearing that are you?” - Phil Wenneck Bradley Cooper’s character Phil is the instigating force of the quartet. He tries to make sure the guys have an unforgettable experience in Las Vegas, but Alan’s antics make it difficult. This line occurs when Alan shows up wearing a man-purse, adding a funny visual to “The Hangover.”

“Alan, did you just eat sofa pizza?” - Stu Price Straight-laced dentist Stu, played by Ed Helms, is in unfamiliar territory when it comes to partying. After the guys wake up in the morning after a crazy night, their room is trashed. Stu notices Alan eating a slice of pizza that came from a couch cushion, which leads to this line.

“There’s a jungle cat in the bathroom.” - Alan Garner The story gets rolling in “The Hangover” during the disoriented morning-after scene. Not only is Doug missing when the guys wake up, but their room is now occupied by some unusual creatures. When Alan walks into the bathroom, he finds a tiger, and immediately retreats to infor the other guys.

“Check its collar or something.” - Alan Garner The guys soon discover that the tiger in the bathroom is the least of their worries. When they discover an infant in their hotel suite, none of them can remember where the baby came from. In this line, Alan offers a suggestion to determine the child’s origin.

“We call this place ‘Loserville.’” - Officer Foltz Funny lines from “The Hangover” don’t just come from the main characters. During a visit to the police station, the guys are detained with Las Vegas’ other criminals. One of the officers brings a group of school children through on a tour, and directs this line at the guys.

“Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.” - Phil Wenneck After realizing that they probably aren’t going to find Alan in time for the wedding, Phil finally owns up and takes a call from Alan’s fiancé. This line comes during their phone conversation, as Phil tries to soften the blow as best he can.

“Funny fat guy fall on face!” - Mr. Chow Not only do the guys have problems with animals and law enforcement in “The Hangover,” they also must deal with the ruthless Mr. Chow, who seems to think they owe him money. Mr. Chow’s lines don’t usually make much sense, though, and the guys don’t quite know what to make of him.

“We look at these pictures together, okay? One time.” - Doug Billings When the gang finally locates Doug, they rush back and make the wedding just in time. During the final scene in “The Hangover,” Alan discovers a camera from their wild weekend. In this line, the guys agree to take a look at the pictures.