Snoochie Boochies Jay And Silent Bob Quotes

Saturday, September 24 by sameerah blue

Laugh and find wisdom where it shouldn’t exist with these Jay and Silent Bob quotes. Of all of the characters that Kevin Smith has created over the years, Jay and Silent Bob are by far the most loved. The pair of constantly stoned underachievers have won the hearts and minds of a generation of stoners and Gen X’ers with their combination of random wisdom and stupidity.

“My advice, forget her, dude. There's one b*tch in the world, one with many faces.”—“Chasing Amy” No one will ever accuse Jay of being the enlightened half of the duo, but every now and then a piece of brilliance will fall from his perpetually stoned lips, making this Jay and  Silent Bob quote the bes break up advise uttered by man.

“What do you look so shocked for, man? Fat bastard does this all the time. He thinks just 'cause he doesn't say anything, it'll have some huge impact when he does open his f*ckin' mouth…"—“Chasing Amy” As much as it hurts to agree with Jay, being silent most of the time is what lends more credence to the hilarious and insightful words of Silent Bob. And the way Jay calls Silent Bob out on his silent act makes this Jay and Silent Bob quote even more fun.

“This isn't fair. We came to Hollywood, I fell in love. F*ckin', we got shot at, we stole a monkey and I got punched in the motherf*cking nuts by a guy named Cock-Knocker.”—“Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” Anyone that has ever tried to make it in Hollywood can identify with frustration, heartache and rage of this Jay and Silent Bob quote. Hollywood's a town that will chew you up, spit you out, smoke all of your weed and leave you broken and bloody on streets that are paved with glass. 

“We had a deal with you, on the comics remember, for likeness rights and as we're not only the artistic basis, but also obviously the character basis, for your intellectual property, Bluntman and Chronic. When said property was optioned by Miramax Films, you were legally obliged to secure our permission to transfer the concept to another medium. As you failed to do that, Banky, you are in breach of the original contract, ergo you find yourself in a very actionable position.”—“Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" Who ever thinks that long-term pot smoking rots your brain needs to pay close attention to the precision of the Jay and Silent Bob quote. It also speaks to how awesome Kevin Smith is. He may not say much in his movies, but when he does he knows how to make it work and create comedy gold.

“You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of 'em just cheat on you.”—“Clerks” This Jay in Silent Bob is the online Silent Bob has in “Clerks” and is one of the best lines that Kevin Smith has ever written. It gives you something to think about next time you look at your chick and think the grass is greener on the other side.

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