For those who love good music tracks, here's a unique find in the "Sex Drive" soundtrack song list. This road trip movie has a great and varied song list since lots of artists and bands of different genres participate in it. Even when the soundtrack hasn’t been composed especially for the movie, the director has done a great job selecting popular songs according to the script needs. For example, legendary band AC/DC is in with one title, the same as one of the top selling bands of current rock, like Fall Out Boy. There’s even a classical Mozart! So, let’s not waste anymore time and let’s get started with "Sex Drive" soundtrack song list.

  1. "I Don't Care." Performed and written by the top punk band Fall Out Boy.

  2. "I need it." Song performed by Hip Hop artist Big Mouth and Written by Michael Mostert & Anthony Covino.

  3. "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy." Another hit song by Fall Out Boy.

  4. "Life is Beautiful." This pop rock song is performed by Vega4.

  5. "Time to Pretend." This is a pop indie song with a catchy electronic beat performed by MGMT.

  6. "Lets Get it Up." One full discharge of power chords and classical rock by AC/DC.

  7. "Got You (Where I Want You)." Song performed by pop rock band The Flys.

  8. "Symphony No. 27." This is a beautiful piece of art written by Mozart.

  9. "Jarabe Tapatio." Written by Alvaro Gomez-Orozco this song puts the Latin flavor into the record.

  10. "Suburban Paradise." Performed by Sam Cardon.

  11. "West 26." Joelina Simona delivers a beautiful slow paced tempo song.

  12. "The Moment." Performed by hip hop artist X5 Ft. Mr. Fang.

  13. "Danzigslunts." Song performed by Deeziger.

  14. "Didn't Have to Walk Away." This is a power ballad performed by Jason Gleed.

  15. "What You Talkin' Bout." A song performed by the band Classic.

  16. "Nasty Girl." This is a pop-hip hop song performed by Nitty.

  17. "All Shapes and Sizes." A song Performed by rock trio Lucky Stars.

  18. "Between the Lines." Song Performed by Boomish.

  19. "That's What They All Say." This is Another hip hop theme this time by Dryspell.

  20. "You Better Do Better Than That." Candy Chase, pop singer, delivers this catchy song.

  21. "Fame This is the third Fall Out Boy participation in the soundtrack.

  22. "Message From Yuz." Switches are an American rock punk band and this is one of its best songs.

  23. "Bang Bang to the Rock 'N Roll." The title says everything, doesn’t it? Performed by Jem.

  24. "My Prerogative." The 80’s star Bobby Brown performs this classic song.

  25. "Cramming for College." This is one of the best songs of the record. It’s performed by Pornosonic a unique funk band of the 80’s.

  26. "Give Up?" This song is performed by Hot Hot Heat, an indie rock band that reminds a lot of the Strokes.

  27. "Disco Inferno." The tramps one of the firs disco groups performs this catchy song.

  28. "Atlantis." This is a 60’s song performed by the famous singer and guitar player Donovan.

  29. "Can't Fight This Feeling." This is a major romantic balla taken from the classic REO SpeedWagon.