Romantic comedy movies starring Drew Barrymore have cute plots, and offbeat characters. Drew Barrymore has an easy-going free spirit attitude that often crosses into her movie roles. She is one of the few child stars that became an A-list movie star, which can be attributed to her starring roles in romantic comedies. Her natural charm and stand out smile makes it easy to like her movie characters. In romantic comedy movies she plays the nice, sweet girl that has a problem in the romance department.

  1. "The Wedding Singer" The 1998 romantic comedy movie starring Drew Barrymore is set in the 1980's. The movie co-stars Adam Sandler as a wedding singer who gets left at the alter. He quickly turns into a bitter wedding singer, until he meets Drew Barrymore's character Julie. Unfortunately, Julie is engaged to be married but the two form a friendship. They soon discover romantic feelings for each other, but each is in a separate relationship. It is a cute love story, and the 1980's wardrobe is off the wall funny.

  2. "50 First Dates" One of the most successful romantic comedy movies starring Drew Barrymore is "50 First Dates." The movie is set in Hawaii, and Drew Barrymore portrays Lucy, a woman who has short term memory loss. She cannot remember any individual day prior to her accident. Adam Sandler co-stars as Henry, her love interest. He meets her in the diner she eats at every morning, and they spend the day together. The next day he approaches her at the diner she has no recollection of meeting him the previous day. The 2004 romantic comedy revolves around Henry trying to win over Lucy each and every day.

  3. "Never Been Kissed" The 1999 romantic comedy movie stars Drew Barrymore as a low-level journalist who gets the opportunity to go undercover at high school. Her mission is to get the inside scoop on what goes on with high school students. While posing as a high school student, Josie quickly falls for one of her teachers. Josie's boss gets wind of her new found friendship with the teacher, and wants to change the story to be about inappropriate student-teacher relationships. She is then left with the decision to salvage her career, or budding relationship with her love interest.

  4. "Going the Distance" Drew Barrymore plays Erin, a journalism grad student who gets a summer long internship in New York. While in New York she starts a romantic relationship with Garrett. Soon, her time in New York is up and she moves back to the east coast. The 2010 romantic comedy movie starring Drew Barrymore revolves around Erin and Garrett trying to make a long distance relationship work. It is a cute and funny movie that also stars Christina Applegate and Ron Livingston.

  5. "Ever After: A Cinderella Story" This romantic comedy movie starring Drew Barrymore is a spin on the classic Cinderella fairy tale. Barrymore stars as Danielle, a girl whose father passes away, and her evil stepmother gains custody of her life. Danielle's stepmother, and stepsisters treat her like a servant. One day, she meets Prince Henry and from there the romantic tale revolves around their star-crossed romance. Fans of fairy tales, will not be disappointed by this romantic comedy.