These romantic comedy films for guys have the ability to touch the hearts of even the most macho men. Well, if their hearts aren’t touched, these movies are at least funny enough to keep them laughing.

  1. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Nicholas Stoller directed this romantic comedy film about a man who tries to escape the heartbreaking memory of his recent ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, his getaway to Hawaii turns sour when his ex shows up with her new boyfriend.

  2. "40 Days and 40 Nights." A courageous Matt Sullivan, played by Josh Hartnett, gives up sex for Lent – that’s 40 days of celibacy. Ok, so initially the challenge doesn’t seem impossible. However, when his dream girl strolls into the picture, the task becomes much tougher. Michael Lehmann directed this romantic comedy movie about love, patience and deteriorating restraint.

  3. "There’s Something About Mary." Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillion and Ben Stiller headed the cast of this 1998 romantic comedy movie. With the help of a detective, an obsessed man tracks down the woman of his high school dreams. Now, the real test is winning her over.

  4. "When Harry Met Sally." Two old friends, played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, push and pull as their fears and desires repeatedly conflict. Rob Reiner directed this romantic comedy movie that explores the differences between friendship and love. 

  5. "Hitch." In this romantic comedy movie, Will Smith plays Hitch, professional and dating guru. Although he may be smooth, Hitch finds that he is not immune to love spell of Sara Melas, played by Eva Mendes. Andy Tennant directed this 2005 movie about the fall of a confident ladies’ man.