If you are planning a night in, you may want to check out these romantic comedy DVDs to buy your girlfriend. Romantic comedies generally have a romantic plot line with humorous events that take place during the movie. Often classified as “chick flicks,” most men will outwardly protest the watching of said romantic comedies; however, they will generally watch them to keep their girlfriends happy.

  1. “Sweet Home Alabama” Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas are the epitome of a first true love as Melanie and Jake, the one you will always love, no matter what. After being high school sweethearts and even getting married, Melanie ran away to New York. While living separate lives, they never acknowledge their feelings for each other to themselves or anyone else. That is, until Melanie returns home to finalize her divorce so she can marry someone else. 

  2. “Meet the Parents” Robert De Niro plays the soon to be father-in-law who is the nightmare that every man who falls in love is afraid of. He was critical of everything about his soon to be son-in-law. From his profession to his intentions, nothing was ever going to be good enough for his little girl. Greg's profession as a male nurse can't stand up to doctor his soon to be sister in law is marrying. 

  3. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Kate Hudson plays Addie, a journalist stuck writing stories about girlie things like love when she wants to write about more important topics like politics. When her editor tells her to write an article about how to get a guy to fall for her then dump her in ten days, she meets ladies man Ben, played by Matthew McConaughey. Her goal is to get him to fall in love, then out of love with her. She doesn't anticipate falling for him, however.

  4. “Fool's Gold” Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are in love again, this time as an estranged married couple reunited by the clues of a treasure they had once sought. These two have some magical chemistry on the screen.

  5. “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” This is another romantic comedy that stars Matthew McConaughey. As his younger brother is getting married, Connor is reminded of all his past girlfriends and how he broke their hearts. And then there was Jenny, the girl that was out of his reach.