If you're looking for some light-hearted entertainment, let this romantic comedy anime list be your guide to happiness. Romantic comedy anime is great because it combines everything you love about fun and sweet anime with very little depressing content. This romantic comedy anime list will give you a comprehensive guide of the very best romantic comedy anime that Japan has to offer. If you're looking for something sickly-sweet, be sure to try out a few of the selections on this romantic comedy anime list.

  1. "Love Hina." All Keitaro wanted to do was attend Tokyo University, but ended up inheriting a girls' dormitory from a distant relative. What follows is some of the most sexually-charged hi-jinks you can imagine, as he balances his duties to the girls he must watch over and his affections for each one. If you're a fan of one guy with a ton of beautiful women, then this is the romantic comedy anime for you!

  2. "Tenchi Muyo." This romantic comedy anime stars Tenchi, a young teenager who finds a beautiful space pirate in the cave behind his grandfather's shrine. When more and more intergalactic beauties start showing up at his house, the hormones fly as each and every single one starts to fight for the young man's affections. Mix this with some space-age action and a great mythos and you have one of the best romantic comedy anime series out there!

  3. "Ah! My Goddess." This is one of the best romantic comedy anime series on this list. Keiichi accidentally orders goddess Belldandy from a "Goddess Help Line," but finds himself completely infatuated with the sweet deity. When her sisters decide to come along and stay with them, the series really picks up in one of the funniest yet most heartwarming romantic comedy anime shows out there. If you're a sucker for a good story, don't pass this one up!

  4. "School Rumble." Think of this as a wackier "slice of life" romantic comedy anime, where the high school students here are much funnier and more interesting than anyone you've ever met. Sure, there are many cliches, such as the biker who just wants love, the misunderstood rich girl, and the tomboyish hot chick, but that's what makes this romantic comedy anime so great. It has all of those and makes no apologies about it, and has some genuinely endearing cast members, making it an obvious addition to any romantic comedy anime list.