Romantic comedies starring Sandra Bullock span the decades, since these types of movies made her the famous actress that she is today. Sandra Bullock will always remain the spunky, cute woman that every viewer loves to root for. These movies showcase her comedic talents and contain sweet, albeit sometimes sappy moments of romance.

  1. “While You Were Sleeping” One of Sandra Bullock’s most famous early romantic comedies, this movie features Bullock as a toll worker who pines for a handsome, rich man that she sees daily on the job. When he falls into coma after a freak accident, she finds herself mistaken for his fiance. Multiple mix-ups occur and, of course, she finds herself falling for a different man altogether.

  2. “Miss Congeniality” In this romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, the actress plays a tough, tomboyish cop who must somehow turn herself into a prim and proper beauty pageant contestant for an undercover job. Her attempted transformation is hilarious and an unexpected romance blooms throughout the film.

  3. “The Proposal” This romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock allows her to play the role of a cougar. She stars as an uptight, competitive Canadian boss to Ryan Reynolds’ character. When she discovers that she’ll be booted out of the country unless she gains citizenship, she traps Reynolds’ character into a marriage hoax that leads to hilarious consequences.

  4. “Practical Magic” In this earlier romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, she plays a member of a family of witches. Her character is a mother who has given up on love. Nicole Kidman co-stars as her irresponsible sister, who gets them into a mess that only witchcraft and spells can get them out of. The movie has an inventive, original plot mixed with a more formulaic romance.

  5. “Two Weeks Notice” Sandra Bullock plays a progressive over-achiever in this romantic comedy. She somehow ends up working for a tycoon played by Hugh Grant. The two are constantly at odds with each other, but eventually the banter and bickering turns into romance.

  6. “All About Steve” This romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock must be mentioned despite its dismal reviews. It happened to have earned Bullock a Raspberry Award for Worst Actress, a title that she accepted the same year that she won her first Academy Award. In the movie, she plays an obsessive crossword puzzle writer who hunts down the man of her dreams, played by Bradley Cooper.