For a cute, funny film to sit through with your girlfriend, check out these romantic comedies starring Jennifer Garner. The actress has made quite a few mushy films, but the movies below are perfect for date night. They also feature Jennifer Garner as the endearing, beautiful girl of most guys’ dreams.

  1. “13 Going on 30 In this fun romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner, her character begins as a thirteen year old who desperately yearns to be a full adult. After a magical birthday wish, she finds herself fully developed with her own apartment, boyfriend and career. She may seem to have everything, but Garner’s character realizes that she lost the love of an old schoolmate.

  2. “Catch and Release” This romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner also has a more bittersweet, dramatic plot to it. Garner plays a woman whose fiancé unexpectedly passes away. During the grieving process, she discovers aspects of his personality that she never knew existed during his life. She also soon finds herself falling for a new man.

  3. “Valentine’s Day” Jennifer Garner stars as part of an ensemble cast in this romantic comedy. She plays a schoolteacher who is a best friend to Ashton Kutcher’s character. She quickly falls head over heels for a doctor played by Patrick Dempsey. All is not as it seems with her relationship, however. Her best scene in the film is near the end when she lets her temper get the best of her.

  4. “The Invention of Lying” In this romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner, the world is a place where lying isn’t physically possible for its citizens. Ricky Gervais plays a character who discovers that he has the sole ability to lie. He soon decides to use this power to win over the girl of his dreams, played with brutal honesty by Jennifer Garner.

  5. “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” This romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner also features Matthew McConaughey. The actor plays a singleton who is intent on never becoming committed. The plot borrows from “The Christmas Carol,” as he is told that he’ll be visited by three ghosts, all ex-girlfriends from various moments in his life. Jennifer Garner stars as the one woman who may be able to change his womanizing ways.

- Laura Picklesimer