Romantic Comedies Starring Jennifer Aniston

Monday, April 11 by Natalie Kuchik

Heart and humor are two traits romantic comedies starring Jennifer Aniston have in common. Every since Jennifer Aniston's jump from the television show "Friends" to the big screen she has been the go-to-girl for leading roles in romantic comedies. Aniston has a wholesome and adorable presence that makes her a well liked actress on, and off screen. There is no shortage of romantic comedies starring Jennifer Aniston, and some of them even became blockbuster hits.

  1. "The Break-Up" Jennifer Aniston portrays Brooke, a woman with a live-in boyfriend named Gary. The 2006 romantic comedy starts with the couple on shaky ground with each other. Their relationship quickly deteriorates, which leads to a break-up. The entire plot of the romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston is about the ex's trying to outwit each other for custody of their beautiful Chicago apartment. Vince Vaughn co-stars alongside Aniston and throughout the entire movie he is absolutely hilarious.
  2. "He's Just Not That into You" This 2009 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston is based on the best-selling book with the same name. The story revolves around a group of twenty- and thirty something year olds dealing with romantic relationships. The romantic comedy focuses on married couples, long-term relationship couples, and people finding their way through the dating scene. Jennifer Aniston plays Beth, a woman living with her boyfriend. Beth is ready to get married, but her boyfriend Neil does not believe in marriage which causes a major riff in their seven-year-relationship. The movie has an all-star cast, and a great premise.
  3. "Rumor Has It…" Jennifer Aniston stars as Sarah Huttington, a recently engaged woman who travels to California for her sister's wedding. While there she discovers her father, might not actually be her father. She seeks out the man who could be her father, and after realizing he isn't they have a fling. Her finance finds out what happened, which leaves Sarah at a crossroad. This romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston has a funny twist when it's revealed her grandmother may have been the inspiration to the novel "The Graduate."
  4. "The Bounty Hunter" Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler star in this romantic comedy about a divorced couple who find themselves in a bizarre situation. Butler plays a bounty hunter who gets the assignment of bringing in his bail-skipping ex-wife Nicole. He can never seem to catch her, until both of their lives suddenly become in danger. They are forced to team up in attempt to stay alive, which leads to some comical moments.
  5. "The Switch" This 2010 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston is about a 40-year-old woman who pursues motherhood via a sperm donor. Jennifer Aniston portrays Kassie, the woman who thinks her biological clock is about to run out. She thinks the sperm donor is anonymous, but in reality her best friend Wally switches it out for his sperm. As the child grows older, Wally struggles with if he should tell Kassie the truth about being the father to her son. It is a cute romantic comedy with a unique heart warming story.

-Natalie Kuchik

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