Check out these romantic comedies 2010 if you are having a movie night and need something to watch. Any of these movies are great if you need a laugh. They are also good if you want to watch something that is warm and lighthearted. There were a lot of romantic comedies that were made in 2010, but the following list consists of the best ones to watch.

  1. "Date Night" – This movie is about a couple that goes to a hip new restaurant in order to spice up their marriage. There, they find themselves stuck in a situation that leads them to many life-threatening encounters. The movie stars the always funny Steve Carell and Tina Fey. It can easily be considered one of the best romantic comedies of 2010.

  2. "Leap Year" – This romantic comedy 2010 stars Matthew Goode and Amy Adams. The film is about an American that goes to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on leap year. However, she encounters some trouble along the way. She also meets an inn-keeper that changes everything she had planned. It's a funny movie that also has sweet moments.

  3. "When in Rome" – This movie stars Kristin Bell and Josh Duhamel. It is about a woman from New York who travels to Rome for her sister's wedding. There, she takes some coins from the fountain of love. This leads to a bunch of guys vying for her attention. It's a hilarious movie, which is why it's made the list of romantic comedies 2010.

  4. "The Bounty Hunter" – This romantic comedy 2010 has a bit of everything. It has action, romance and comedy. The film is about a bounty hunter that has to track down his ex-wife. He does, but the plot thickens even more when he ends up having to protect her life. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.

  5. "Valentine's Day" – This movie features Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway. It's on the list of romantic comedies 2010 due to the comedy and love that takes place throughout the film. The movie is about different couples in Los Angeles who fall in love on Valentine's Day.