When you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can't decide between a rocking action flick or a stuffy drama, split the difference by renting or downloading something from this list of the best romantic comedies of 2007. These romantic comedies combine humor and heart as they weave a story you'll fall in love with.

  1. "Knocked Up." This is the hilarious tale of what happens when a lovable loser gets a girl who's completely out of his league pregnant. This Judd Apatow story mixes plenty of comedy with a very romantic storyline.

  2. "Music and Lyrics." This enchanting story of two very different people coming together is sure to pull at your heartstrings. The story is about a ex-popstar who collaborates with at unknown writer to get his career on track.

  3. "Dan in Real Life." Dan is a newspaper advice columnist who has to get over his considerable hang-ups before he misses out on the love of his life, Marie. Though this 2007 romantic comedy occasionally becomes more drama than comedy, it is definitely worth a look.

  4. "No Reservations." Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a master chef who just can't stand losing control. When a family tragedy forces her to take time off, she finds a new chef waiting for her when she gets back. The sparks between the two are obvious, but they both have to overcome some faults to wind up together.

  5. "Enchanted." "Enchanted" tells the story of a princess from a fairy-tale land who gets tossed into modern-day New York City. As she learns about the real world, she slowly begins falling for Robert, a New York lawyer.

  6. "Why Did I Get Married?" This Tyler Perry gem tells the story of four couples as they try to work out their marital problems at a mountain retreat. One of the best romantic comedies of 2007, "Why Did I Get Married?" confirms that Tyler Perry is one of the best in the business.

  7. "Lars and the Real Girl." This poignant and touching movie follows Lars as he slowly starts to lose his mind. His belief that a life-size doll is his real girlfriend allows him the confidence to reach out to other people. In the end, both Lars and the town become better off for his adventures.

  8. "License to Wed." When Sadie decides that she wants to get married in the church she grew up in, her life gets complicated. The church only has one wedding opening available in the next couple of years, in three weeks time. On top of everything, they now have to submit to the minister's eccentric pre-marital course.

  9. "P.S. I Love You." When a woman loses her husband to disease, she withdraws from everything, until pre-planned messages from her deceased husband slowly bring her back from the brink.

  10. "Waitress." In one of the top romantic comedies of 2007, a small town waitress gets involved in an unlikely affair to escape her life. This leads to an slow escalation of her personal sense of importance and freedom.

-Shawn Drew