A great bachelor party comedy needs music that keeps the party rocking and that's what you will find in these songs from "The Hangover". Like a mixed drink this music takes from different genres and produces one hard hitting musical punch with a tiny umbrella thrown in for good measure. Grab your hula skirt, tell your buddies to come over and charge yourself up with this list:

"Iko Iko". When you think of parties you better have New Orleans on your short list. This song with its roots in Mardi Gras gives a light aggressive tone to the music that keeps the hips shaking and the mood exciting. The Belle Stars version of "Iko Iko" was also featured in "Rain Man" and occurs at a similar scene in "The Hangover" thus delivering a one-two punch of homage. With a silk clad iron fist, this song asks to fix your boo boo after causing it and that's a perfect song.

"Joker & The Thief". Wolfmother doesn't bother lingering around making you wait for the crush of the guitars. Instead with "Joker & The Thief" they match the frantic power of "The Hangover" without trying to overpower the visuals. A song that is zero build up and all pay off which is a beautiful symmetry for a movie set in Las Vegas. Few songs could start, carry or close out a joyful mood like this track. A multiple purpose song that makes the occasion rather than needing to be picked to fit the occasion.

"Candy Shop". Any interpretation of a song by Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band is going to be funny and surprising. "The Hangover" might be flushed with fun and surprises but it won't be snobby about saying enough is enough. Excess of words meets excess of alcohol when "Candy Shop" lands in "The Hangover" and everyone leaves sated. Try this song on and find out the magic that Dan Finnerty and company bring with them and see how different a cover can truly be.

"What Do You Say". Mickey Avalon mixes dirty with bemusement and creates a song that blends in well with "The Hangover". A movie about partying in Las Vegas can't be all roller coaster rides and waterslides and needs songs that get a little down in the mud like "What Do You Say". With a catchy chorus and just as addictive lyrics, this song can easily gain your love just as long as you're careful to either find the clean version for public listening or use headphones. No need to get hit over the head with a random grandmother's purse or Chihuahua.

"In The Air Tonight". Not many drum solos have perforated the consciousness of society like "In The Air Tonight" has done. Hands rise of their own accord as they wait for the solo to kick in so they can air drum along. With a chorus that's easily memorized and just as easily sung along to, Phil Collins keeps an air of mystery to any night. Lay back on your favorite sitting instrument, turn down the lights and get ready to air drum your heart out along with Mike Tyson in "The Hangover" while your pets and friends stare in mild disbelief while they ponder a little vacation for you at the nearest psych ward.