You may be an “action flick” kind of guy, but if you’ve promised your girlfriend you would watch something she likes, here are some popular romantic comedies guys won’t hate. In fact, you may find that not all romantic comedies are as sappy as you think. Best of all, when the movie's over, you get the girl.

  1. “The Ugly Truth” Abby is a morning show producer who is good at her job, but bad at relationships. Forced to work with TV personality Mike Chadway (think Howard Stern, but better looking), Abby soon finds herself taking tips from him on how to get a man. The truth may hurt, but “The Ugly Truth” won’t and your girlfriend may get a little insight into what guys actually want.

  2. “The Proposal” Sandra Bullock naked. Okay, certain parts are concealed, but when the movie is over, that is the scene you are going to remember. Margaret concocts the story that she is engaged to her assistant because she's about to be deported. A trip to Alaska to meet his parents brings them together (literally), but a relationship founded on a lie causes complications.

  3. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Think of this romantic comedy as an instruction manual for things not to do if you want to keep the girl. A unknown competition between Benjamin and Andie has him trying to win the girl, while she is out to prove she can lose a guy in ten days. They might fall in love, if they don’ drive each other crazy.

  4. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” Best friends Julianne and Michael make a pact that if neither has married in ten years, they will marry each other. Julianne doesn’t think she is ready to get married, but when she discovers he has found someone, she becomes determined to win him back.

  5. “You’ve Got Mail” A romantic comedy with quotes from “The Godfather” can’t be bad and this movie is certainly one you won’t hate. Rival bookstore owners meet on the internet. When Joe sends emails with advice to Katherine, he has no clue the enemy she is trying to take down is him.

  6. "The American President” A romantic comedy for the more sophisticated crowd. Directed by Rob Reiner and written by Aaron Sorkin. When U.S. President Andrew Shepherd falls for a lobbyist, he has to find a way to not only run the country, but also win her heart. 

  7. “Sabrina” Any romantic comedy that starts Harrison Ford can’t be all bad and this one is actually pretty good. Sabrina has loved David from afar ever since she was a little girl. When she returns from Paris, she not only has David under her spell, but manages to win the heart of his brother, Linus as well.

  8. “Notting Hill” Julia Roberts does actually make other types of movies, but shines in this element. An average guy meets a world-famous movie star when she walks into his bookstore. A romance ensues, but they must find a way to overcome their different worlds for love to survive.

  9. “When Harry Met Sally” A movie that ponders relationships between men and women. Harry meets Sally while they are in college, forming a non-sexual friendship that spans eleven years. A good insight into women and you may learn a thing or two.

  10. “Can’t Buy Me Love” This movie shows that guys can not only get the girl, but may grow up to be a heartthrob on TV. Patrick Dempsey plays Ronald, who agrees to help a popular girl out of a monetary jam. There is a catch, however. She must be his girlfriend for one month.