With a romantic comedy, music can be a powerful mood enhancer, and it works well in the "What Happens In Vegas" soundtrack song list. Running the gamut from smooth to dancing out in the street, this soundtrack accentuates the emotions well without being overbearing. See if these songs can't help you keep a smile plastered on your face:

"Grace Kelly": This song by Mika brings the party along with it. Good old-fashioned fun permeates this "What Happens In Vegas" song. No romantic comedy wants the happy feelings to end and "Grace Kelly" keeps the joy going.

"Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)". A crazy beat coupled with lyrics that accentuate the story, "Hey Man" by The Eels ruffles your hair and sends you out into the fray that is life. Quirky and poignant meet up and have drinks in this "What Happens In Vegas" music. A great song to start the day off right.

"You Sexy Thing". Setting the mood for romance, Hot Chocolate sings a love song with a wink and a nod. "You Sexy Thing" slow dances in your head and heart. Simple music lets the vocals take over and deliver sincerity with a touch of awe.

"Are You Gonna Be My Girl". Doing the heart thumping for you, Jet replaces your heart with a drum and bass track. Guitars become the blood pulsing through you as you're driven to get moving in any way possible. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" is romance music pared down to the simple question of will you be mine...at least for now.

"Raise a Little Hell Now". Shiloh adds some devilish mischief to the "What Happens In Vegas" soundtrack. With a smirk, "Raise a Little Hell Now" cuts in line and refuses to repent. The musical equivalent of an energy drink that won't wear off until next week.

"If You Love Me": The Buzz Junkies with Elesha Moses mix some smoky vocals with bass and end up with a song that makes you wake up and go. Without "If You Love Me", the "What Happens In Vegas" soundtrack would have missed a hidden gem of a dance track. The chorus bares its soul and wants you to do the same.

"Put a Record On". With a very low-key music bed, "Put a Record On" slows everyone down for a little introversion. A poignant song by Unkle Bob that tackles the serious side of love. A track that gives the "What Happens In Vegas" soundtrack a foundation for all the other songs to stand upon.

"Save the Best for Last". Vanessa Williams doesn't shout out a song, rather she lets them slowly build their own power with her gentle interpretation of this song. "Save the Best for Last" is a gorgeous song that slows down time for the listener. A great addition that adds a simple maturity to this romantic comedy.

"Tonight I Have to Leave it". The Shout Out Louds bring the nostalgia of the 80s music scene to the forefront in this song. "Tonight I Have to Leave it" is frantic but thoughtful simultaneously. A song that ventures to postulate what will change when the sun rises again.

"Freek U". With a consistent beat that goes by so fast it'll take multiple listens to learn the lyrics, "Freek U" sends you spinning through life and if you get dizzy that's just fine. Bon Garcon makes a track for "What Happens In Vegas" soundtrack that locks the doors and turns down the lights. A romantic comedy needs a few songs that draw you in and make you forget you're not living in the film.