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Whether you’re into Woody Allen or fart jokes (or Woody Allen fart jokes), Screen Junkies will tickle your funny bone with our comedies section. Our editors will have you laughing your work day away with lists of films funniest moments, best comedy duos (Lloyd and Harry, anyone?) and the best one-liners ever to gain a place in colloquial language. She kidnapped herself, man.

Comedy Dramas Of The 80’s
Tuesday, March 22 by Shawn Lealos

The decade of the 80’s featured some great movies, specifically the teen movies of John Hughes, and the best comedy dramas of the 80’s come from this lineage of movies,…

Comedy Dramas Of The 90’s
Tuesday, March 22 by Shawn Lealos

The best comedy dramas of the 90’s include a number of quirky, independent films that features fantastic acting and a realistic feel instead of the normal Hollywood machinations. These are…

10 Best Comedy Scenes 2010
Monday, March 21 by D. Michaels

The 10 best comedy scenes of 2010 brings you the pleasure of sitting in front of the TV (or the computer) and watching some of the best actors Hollywood has…

Humorous Movies For Guys
Sunday, March 20 by Ealisa Adams

B knowing humorous movies for guys, you can avoid wasting time searching the video store looking for a good movie to watch. Nothing is more embarrassing than bringing a boring…

10 Funny Baby Movies
Wednesday, March 16 by Jackie Barlow

A list of the 10 funny baby movies remind us how much we laughed at all the antics that went on in these hilarious films. Major actors and actresses were…

10 Funny Comedy Movies 2010
Monday, March 14 by Layla Sinclair

These ten funny comedy movies of 2010 provide plenty of laughs. The movies below include buddy comedies, raunchy humor films and romantic comedies that are guy-friendly. If you need a…

10 Best Comedy Romance Movies
Friday, March 11 by Walter Turner

A good way to spend an evening with someone you love is to watch one or two of the 10 best comedy romance movies ever made. These movies combine romance,…

10 Best Chinese Comedy Movies
Wednesday, March 9 by T. Cousin

The 10 best Chinese comedy movies are sure to please even the toughest critic. Comedy is taken from drama and has come from every corner of the world since time began. Here is a…

10 Funny Lines From Movies
Wednesday, March 9 by Joi Gilliam

Funny lines from movies are the perfect ice-breaker in an awkward situation. If you can't remember all of the funniest lines, just remember these 10 funny lines from movies to…

10 Funny Romantic Movies
Wednesday, March 9 by Lori Boyd

These 10 funny romantic movies will make you laugh and maybe even cry. Funny romantic movies are perfect date movies since both of you can enjoy the film. The following…

10 Greatest Comedy Movies Of All Time
Monday, March 7 by George Root

The 10 greatest comedy movies of all time make comedy look easy. Many great actors will admit that comedy is much harder to pull off than drama. That is what…

10 Great Comedy Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Travis Petersen

Listing the 10 greatest comedy movies is nearly impossible. These movies, old and new, will make nearly any willing audience laugh, but they aren't just silly movies; they are great…

10 Most Famous Funny Movie Quotes
Friday, March 4 by Tonya

Are you a movie buff who loves to repeat famous, funny movie quotes? Do you laugh when others do it? Here are some funny quotes that are sure to get…

10 Funny Black Comedy Movies
Tuesday, March 1 by Layla Sinclair

For some good, irreverent laughs, add these 10 funny black comedy movies to your DVD collection. The movies on this list may not be politically correct, but they sure are…

10 Best 80’s Comedy Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Wendy Adams

Some of the most memorable comedy is available with the 10 best 80’s comedy movies. Great comedy stars like John Belusi, Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Kline, and Rodney Dangerfield, have given…

10 Best Chick Flick Comedies
Saturday, February 26 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 best chick flick comedies includes some of the most charming and endearing movies ever made. Though generally thought to be made for and marketed to…

10 Best Comedy Movies For Family Movie Night
Wednesday, February 23 by Mason Kaho

The list of the 10 best comedy movies for family movie night includes some of the most entertaining and purely fun movies ever made. Sitting around with your family once…

10 Funniest Chick Flicks
Saturday, February 19 by Olivia Joseph

In a search for the 10 funniest chick flicks, we shuffled through a lot of namby-pamby fluff and discovered that some of these were actually funny. Don't take our word…

10 Best Horror Comedy Movies
Saturday, February 12 by Natalie Kuchik

Beetlejuice" The 1988 Tim Burton horror comedy movie revolves around a married couple who die, but go on living in their house. A new family moves into the house, so…

Top 10 Comedy Movies Of 2007
Thursday, February 10 by Jason Cuthbert

Laughter was not a difficult response to these top 10 comedy movies of 2007. There were several familiar comedians such as Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, and even Homer Simpson. Whether…

10 Best Drama Comedy Movies
Wednesday, February 9 by Shawn Lealos

The best drama comedy movies take a serious subject matter and then inflict some social humor into the story to make it an interesting, and sometime uncomfortable, watch. The best…

10 Awesome Comedy Movies
Wednesday, February 9 by Lara Stewart

We guarantee that nothing can help improve your mood like a viewing of any of these 10 awesome comedy movies. Comedy is a genre that is hard to get right…

5 Best Black Comedy Movies 2008
Tuesday, February 8 by Natalie Kuchik

The 5 best black comedy movies 2008 have drama, mixed with witty dialogue. The genre "black comedy" touches on off-colored topics as well as serious topics paired with humorous content….

10 Best Comedy Movies 2009
Tuesday, February 8 by Natalie Kuchik

The 10 best comedy movies 2009 have a diverse take on the genre. They follow strange, yet humorous situations that will keep you laughing the entire movie. Some are family…

10 Funniest Movies Of All Time
Saturday, February 5 by Jessica Fletcher

These 10 funniest movies of all time are all films you won't want to miss. They are incredibly enjoyable and feature excellent comedy lines. The acting, plot, and comedy is…

10 Funny Scenes From Movies 2008
Saturday, February 5 by George Root

These 10 funny scenes from movies in 2008 did not always come from comedies. Some directors use comedy to break up the tension in a serious movie for a while….

10 Best Romantic Comedies Movies
Friday, February 4 by Layla Sinclair

If you’re sick of sappy romantic comedies that are predictable and stereotypical, get your girlfriend to watch these 10 best romantic comedy movies instead. The following movies have greater guy…

10 Best Comedy Movies 2007
Thursday, February 3 by Jennifer Wright

The ten best comedy movies of 2007 may be a little different for everyone. The year 2007 had a variety of comedy movies ranging from childrens movies all the way…

10 Best British Comedy Films
Thursday, February 3 by Georgina Spiggott

The Brits are known for comedy and there are 10 best British Comedy Films every fan of that special English brand of humor must see.  While most people think immediately…

10 Korean Funny Movies
Wednesday, February 2 by Audrey Johnson

These 10 Korean funny movies can make anyone laugh. Whether they are a romantic comedy or a pure all-out parody of other movies, these movies find humor in almost anything….