"Grown Ups" (2010) movie quotes come from the hit Adam Sandler comedy. The all star "Grown Ups" cast did not disappoint. Much of the dialogue for the film was ad libbed, and that is probably why there are so many funny "Grown Ups" movie quotes.

"Where is Sascatchatoon?" Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) is trying to hold his family vacation together while also monitoring he and his wife's (Salma Hayek) hectic careers. This "Grown Ups" movie quote captures a moment where Lenny is trying to understand the pronunciation of a location in Canada. It doesn't help that his wife has a thick Latin accent that makes understanding a lot of things difficult. But when your wife is played by Salma Hayek, she can say pretty much whatever she wants.

"Well, Thursday night is 'Grey's Anatomy.' But any other night would be great." Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) and his wife Deanne (Maya Rudolph) have a tenuous relationship. When Kurt offers to take her out every Thursday night, this is her response. A lot of married guys can identify with this kind of response, whether they are willing to admit it or not.

"You know they make a chemical that turns the urine blue."  Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) is a bit high strung but stuck to his old ways. Just prior to Eric peeing in a public pool, his daughter Donna (Ada-Nicole Sanger) delivers this classic, and recurring, "Grown Ups" movie quote. The joke is the classic slow burn where the four men are standing in the pool and blue cloud slowly forms around them. This would be a nightmare for anyone that swims in public pools.

"I like to feel those too." Deanne McKenzie is pregnant, and local character Wiley (Steve Buscemi) asks if he can feel the baby kick. Deanne agrees, but when Wiley reaches a bit too high to feel the baby, she points his blunder out to Wiley by telling him that he isn't feeling the baby, he is feeling her breast. Wiley's response is one of the more classic "Grown Ups" movie quotes. It is debatable as to whether or not Wiley really has the vision problems he says he has, or if he uses his reputation to feel up women. Most men would consider that kind of a repitation the sign of a genius.

"Wasted is when you have a hankering for ice cream." Marcus Higgins (David Spade) lets it slip that the friends used to get wasted at a particular spot that the entire group, and their children, were standing in. When one of the kids asked what "wasted" meant, this was how Lenny explained it. It wasn't long before all of the kids were asking to get wasted, and the guys had to explain to the women that they did not get the kids drunk and that wasted now means something new.

-George Root