"Hot Tub Time Machine" quotes are some of the most hysterical and perverse quotes of 2010. The same can be said of the movie. Its stars made for a very memorable cast. We all can't wait for "Hot Tub Time Machine" part two, but until then, enjoy these quotes:

Jacob: "Do I really gotta be the asshole who says we got in this thing and went back in time?" This is when they started to realize something was wrong. They all suspected they had gone back in time but no one wanted to say so. Jacob decided to take it upon himself to bring the situation to light.

Jacob: "I've dated a lot of girls, hot ones." Lou: "You've dated a lot of guys, gay ones." Jacob, trying to prove that he is just as manly at the other guys, says he has dated a lot of hot girls. Lou, who is a jerk, though loveable, acuses Jacob of being gay. There are a lot of exchanges between Lou and Jacob during the movie.

Lou: "I wanna f*ck something!" Lou is by far the most vulgar of the characters. Somehow he also maintains a very loveable part. He always seems to be horny.

Lou: "It's called male bonding okay. Haven't you seen, 'Wild Hogs?'" Lou is trying to calm a situation down before it gets blown out of proportion. Lou makes a reference to the movie "Wild Hogs" that was not exactly the best reference. Lou has a way in the movie of being a bit off.

Jacob: (About Blaine) "Hey look, it's the douchebag from 'Karate Kid 3.'" Jacob says this about Blaine. Blaine is a jerk they meet along the way and he keeps getting in their way. Blaine is the typical 80's arrogant jerk in a movie. 

Lou: "God relax. It's like you haven't seen a little cum on your friend's face before." Lou says this to his friend who had recently passed out after he thought Lou was going to be forced to perform oral sex in him. He wakes up in a bathroom to Lou washing up with something on his face. He freaks out and Lou goes to lick it off then tells him to relax, it's just soap

Lou: "Here's a question. Was it morally wrong of me to exploit my knowledge of the future for personal gain? Perhaps. Here's another question. Do I give a f*ck?" After all the guys find their way back, Lou decides to stay in the 80's and make a difference in his life. The other guys awake in their present day lives to find much has changed. They all come together to watch a video of Lou standing on a boat saying this statement above. 

Adam: "Why do you waste your time with that second-life bullsh*t? Look at you, you're still in jail. You were in jail last week." Jacob: "Yeah, i'm a prisoner, it's called "doing hard time." Adam: "Can't you be like a warrior or a Shaman or Orc or some shit like that?" Jacob is a bit of a computer geek. Adam does not know much about computers, which is why he does not really get why Jacob likes it so much. At an attempt to get Jacob off the computer and out into real life they have the above conversation.

Lou: "If I'd wanted to kill myself, I'd f*cking kill myself. I'd be awesome at it. A shotgun to the d*ck." Lou makes the above statement when he is acused of trying to kill himself. At the begining of the movie Lou is in his car in the garage and he passes out while the car is still on. His friends think that he is trying to kill himself even though he says he isnt. Of course later, they find out he really was.  

- Leigha Isbell