This classic movie has so many "My Cousin Vinny" quotes worth repeating. Learn these quotes from the movie to dazzle and amaze your friends with some great one liners. "My Cousin Vinny" is the 1992 comedy crime movie that almost immediately became a classic, go-to movie when you need a good laugh that also has a great storyline. Joe Pesci stars as Vinny Gambini, Ralph Macchio plays Bill Gambini, and Marisa Tomei stars as Mona Lisa (Lisa) Vito. Vinny is a big city New York lawyer who travels to rural Alabama to defend his cousin and his cousin's friend who have been arrested for murder. Vinny takes along his fiancee, Lisa. The two worlds of the brash New Yorkers and the southerners could not be more different.

  1. "What?" Lisa asks Vinny who replies, "Nothing. You stick out like a sore thumb around here." Lisa then says, "Me? What about you?" Then Vinny says, "I fit in better than you. At least I'm wearing cowboy boots." Lisa says to that, "Oh yeah, you blend." Lisa Vito and Vinny Gambini have driven down from New York to podunk Alabama. Upon getting out of the car, Vinny looks around then looks at Lisa. The two have this exchange. Lisa's response of "oh yeah, you blend" is a signature line from "My Cousin Vinny."

  2. "Famous for your mud? How's your Chinese food?" Lisa asks. "You just keep asking about Chinese food. You gotta let everybody know you're a tourist?" Vinny replies. She then says, "Yeah well what are you, a fucking world traveler?" Lisa is making conversation with the locals about the food. Vinny and Lisa tend to make everything a fight and he has to question her now too.

  3. "I got thirty fucking minutes to take a shower, get a new suit, get dressed and get to the fucking courthouse!" Vinny says. "You fucking shower, I'll get your fucking suit," replies Lisa. Vinny's suit he brought with him to Alabama fell in the mud so he has to get a new suit. Lisa takes on this job. This movie is full of colorful language like this. This example shows how many times in a couple of sentences these characters could use the "f" word and use it well.

  4. "Support? Is that what you want? I'm sorry, you were wonderful in there! The way you handled that judge... ooh you are a smooth talker. You are... you are!" Lisa says to Vinny. Vinny gets into trouble right and left with the judge because Vinny doesn't have a clue what's he's doing in court. He gets thrown in jail twice for contempt of court.

  5. "Ms. Vito, what is your current profession?" asks D.A. Jim Trotter. Lisa responds, "I'm an out-of-work hairdresser." He then says, "An out-of-work hairdresser. In what way does that qualify you as an expert in automobiles?" Lisa says, "It doesn't." Lisa is testifying about tire tread in question and the District Attorney is trying to discount her as a witness. She ends up being an expert after all because he brothers work on cars and she knows as much as they do about cars.

- Peggy Hazelwood