When you are getting ready to cozy up by the fire with your woman, you need to watch these must see romantic comedies. They can make you laugh or cry but in the end your woman will appreciate the fact that you are willing to watch a movie for her that doesn’t have blood, guts, and gore. Some of these must see romantic comedies you may even like, just don't tell your guy friends that. We can often see parts of our own loves lives in the romantic comedies. 

  1. “What Women Want” This romantic comedy stars Mel Gibson before he started drinking too much and cheating on his wife. Gibson plays Nick, a pig-headed ladies man. After an accident, he gains the ability to hear a woman’s every thought. Not just a woman, but every woman, including his teenage daughter.

  2. “My Big Fa Greek Wedding” Nia Vardalos stars as Toula, who works at her family’s Greek restaurant. Her father thinks she needs to marry a nice Greek boy, but she wants more out of life. Toula takes over a travel agency and meets Ian, who is not Greek by any means. She must get her family to accept him and get him to accept her huge family, but will she be successful in this romantic comedy?

  3. “The Proposal” Margaret and Andrew, who are played by Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, form a pretend relationship. Margaret is an editor and Andrew is her assistant. Working on an expired green card, Margaret must do what it takes to continue working in the states, even if it means a fake marriage.

  4. “Sweet Home Alabama” Reese Witherspoon plays Melanie Carmichael, a fashion designer that lives in New York City. When she gets engaged, she returns to her home town to get her divorce from he high school sweetheart finalized. It is at her wedding she realizes that she forgot to sign the divorces papers and realizes that she still loves her almost ex. This romantic comedy proves again that their is no love like your first love. 

  5. “No Reservations” Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as Kate, a high profile chef who gets custody of her niece, Zoe, when her sister dies in a car accident. She has no idea how to be a parent and her boss thinks she needs help at work, so he hires another chef to assist her. Much to Kate’s dismay, they begin to fall in love and Zoe begins to feel secure in their relationship—until Nick is offered Kate’s job.