If you love apple pie embarrassments and teenage comedy, check out these movies like “American Pie.” The films below mostly take place in college and cover crazy sexual situations from a teenage guy’s perspective. They contain male camaraderie, raunchy humor, and maybe even a lesson or two about love and sex.

  1. “Road Trip” This movie like “American Pie” stars Seann William Scott in a very Stifler-like role. He plays the immature buddy to Breckin Meyer’s character, who cheats on his girlfriend and in a karmic twist of fate, accidentally mails the sex tape to her. He and his mismatched friends embark on an epic road trip to retrieve the tape before it can reach her eyes.

  2. “40 Days and 40 Nights” Another movie like “American Pie,” this film technically has the exact opposite plot: a young man attempts to quit having sex rather than get some. Josh Hartnett stars as the young man who gives up sex for Lent, but immediately falls for a beautiful girl played by Shannyn Sossamon.

  3. “Slackers” Set on a college campus, this movie like “American Pie” stars Devon Sawa and Jason Schwartzman as student enemies who fight for the affection of the same girl. Jason Segel and Laura Prepon also star in this movie full of college humor.

  4. “Dude, Where’s My Car” A movie that is very similar to “American Pie,” the film also has stoner-appeal to it. It stars Seann William Scott, alongside Ashton Kutcher, as slackers who misplace their car. For those who like to party hard until you can’t remember, watch this movie.

  5. “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” If you’re interested in a loss of virginity story that appeals to an older demographic, check out this movie like “American Pie.” Steve Carell plays the title character, who embarks on a journey to gain his manhood with a bunch of wisecracking friends played be Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen.

  6. “Fast Times At Ridgement High” For an older movie that influenced films like “American Pie,” this Cameron Crowe classic revolves around the various activities of normal high schoolers in the ‘70s, including losing the V card. Sean Penn steals the show as slacker surf dude Jeff Spicoli.