Mean Girls Cast: They are So Fetch!

Saturday, September 24 by Bo Vandy

The "Mean Girls" cast was actually quite the ensemble cast of great young actresses. Of course, headlining the "Mean Girls" cast was Lindsey Lohan who may have reached the pinnacle of her acting career in this movie as she actually managed to convince people that she was a clean and wholesome young girl. Heck, Lohan actually came off as the good girl in a cast of women who have since gone on to good careers, while Lohan has snorted, shot or smoked whatever she could get her hands on. Now THAT'S acting!

Lindsey Lohan – We were only half kidding when we said being the lead member of the "Mean Girls" cast was the pinnacle of Lohan's career. After this movie, Lohan seemed like she was headed for quite the acting career. Then came "Herbie Reloaded" and a string of less than impressive films, and then the drugs and lesbian affairs. 

Rachel McAdams – While Lohan was the big name in the "Mean Girls" cast, McAdams earned herself quite the career as the head "Mean Girl." Since her role as Regina George, McAdams has onl taken on bigger and bigger roles and has established herself as a leading lady in Hollywood.

Lacey Chabert – Chabert is well known as a member of "Party of Five," but she joined the "Mean Girls" cast as one of the two airheaded members of the group.  Chabert has actually made quite a little career for herself appearing in teen movies and television shows despite nearing her thirties.

Amanda Seyfried – Seyfried took a turn in the "Mean Girls" cast as the comedic lunkhead who may have actually stolen the movie with her blank looks and naive stupidity. Seyfried has since turned in quite the career as a burgeoning sex symbol and a repressed Mormon. Pulling off that two for one is quite impressive indeed.

Tina FeyTina Fey took a supporting role as a member of the "Mean Girls" cast as a teacher at the school where the comedy takes place. Of course, Fey had more of a role than merely a bit player as she was the lead writer for the movie adaption of the book with the same name. Fey parlayed the surprise success of this movie into her new series, "30 Rock" and hasn't looked back.

– Oliver VanDervoort

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