Look Out for That…10 Funny Movie Deaths

Friday, September 9 by D. Michaels

Everyone loves a funny movie death, but can you name the best 10 funny movie deaths? Not many can since the subject of death has a tendency to be a little depressing, but there are some movies that want you to laugh about life’s inevitable end or at least cheer when a shmuck gets what’s coming to him or her in a funny fashion.

Crispy male models in “Zoolander”. Something about male models is just inherently funny. But watching a group of them douse themselves in gasoline like it was Perrier water and them set themselves on fire by lighting a cigarette earns their spot on a list of 10 funny movie deaths.

Messing with a Sicilian in “The Princess Bride”. Still one of the most classic funny movie deaths, the evil Sicilian has taken poor soon-to-be-Princess Buttercup hostage while her thought-to-be-dead boyfriend Wesley, a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Roberts, comes to her rescue, only to face a battle of wits with a man who may be a tad witless.  

The shortest fight scene ever in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.Indiana Jones has been cornered, beat up, shot at, and now has to face a swordsman who superior skill with a blade before he can rescue his lady love, Marion. So what does Indy do? Pulls out his gun and kills the swordsman from a good 15 feet away, making this a funny move death.

The end of the buddy cops in “The Other Guys”. Chris and P.K. are two of the hippest, toughest cops in the New York City. However, when faced with chasing down some jewel thieves by crossing from rooftop to rooftop, Chris and P.K. decide to make a long jump from the roof to the street. They miss and die when they go head first into the pavement in this funny movie death.

Bad time for an inspirational speech in “Deep Blue Sea”. Samuel L. Jackson does not have a great deal of luck with staying alive in his early films, but this funny movie death was just ridiculous. Immediately after giving a rousing speech to his troops on their need to kill a super-intelligent shark that has been stalking them, said shark leaps out of the water and eats Jackson whole.

Hey, there’s Brad Pitt in “Meet Joe Black”. Brad Pitt’s character’s first scene is also his last. While leaving a yuppie coffee bar, his character is run over by a car and immediately possessed by Death itself for the rest of the movie. If you’re not fond of Mr. Pitt, then you’ll find this a funny movie death.

The wood chipper in “Fargo”. It’s not considered a classic funny movie death, but you have to have a kind of dark sense of humor to enjoy it. It’s right at the end of the movie when the beleaguered and very pregnant town sheriff finally tracks down the killer she’s been looking for only to find something she was never expecting to see.

Kenny for the 800th time in “South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut”. Kenny is without a doubt the unluckiest cartoon character in history, getting killed in virtually every early episode of the Comedy Central series and it was no surprise that he also met his fate in this 1999 movie, which finally saw him ascend into heaven in this funny movie death.

Death by sign in “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”. "Patches" O'Houlihan was a legend for those who actually followed the sport, but he has fallen on hard times and has resorted to coaching a groups of misfits all the way to the national championship, However, his drinking problem got the best of him and he is killed like a hero when the bar sign falls on him.

Waiting for Superman in “Mystery Men”. You haven’t seen misfit heroes until you have seen these guys. While breaking into the lair of their nemesis, Casanova Frankenstein, they inadvertently kill the city’s resident superhero, Captain Amazing in this funny movie death.

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