Since it's the biggest genre in the country, making a list of the best Korean romantic comedy movies is quite difficult. Sifting through such a huge pool of films is quite the task because there are just so many Korean romantic comedy movies. Here are just a few Korean romantic comedy movies that are sure to suit anybody's taste.

  1. "My Sassy Girl" This is one of the de facto Korean romantic comedy movies. An atypically-macho girl is paired with a limp-wristed male is one of the quirkiest movies ever. Many have tried to imitate this "Odd Couple" of romantic comedy, but this is seriously the king of Korean romantic comedy movies. If you haven't seen this, you need to now!

  2. "200 Pound Beauty" This is another heartwarming Korean romantic comedy movie because it takes a great message and puts it with a great set piece that was unheard of before then. A talented, yet overweight, voice actress pines for a handsome man, and decides to undergo a drastic surgery in order to be with him. This movie teaches the value of true beauty while not ramming it down your throat, making it one of the best Korean romantic comedy movies of all time.

  3. "My Little Bride" Many have called this one of the sweetest Korean romantic comedy movies of all time. A young girl is put into an awkward situation when she has to fake a marriage with a man who is much older than her. If you're looking for a sweet movie that's a bit of a tear-jerker, this is one of those Korean romantic comedy movies that you need to see.

  4. "My Wife Is A Gangster" A hard-hitting, hard-drinking gang leader is matched with a schlubby salaryman in one of the cutest Korean romantic comedy movies ever. If you're into odd pairings with tons of sexual tension, and even a few good action sequences, be sure to check out this movie. Just do yourself a favor and ignore the numerous sequels and spin-offs it spawned.

  5. "Innocent Steps" Two star-crossed lovers come together in one of the sweeter Korean romantic comedy movies made yet. If you're a sucker for good soundtracks and great choreography, you should definitely check this out. This is one that you can watch on date night and be sure that there isn't a dry eye in the room by the time the credits roll.