Want to get to know the "Joe Dirt" cast? If so, keep reading because here we've made a list of the cast of "Joe Dirt," and we've included some useful information about them that you may find interesting. "Joe Dirt" is a comedy that will have you laughing hours after it ends, and we love the entire cast of the film. Let's get started!

  1. David Spade. The main character, Joe Dirt, is portrayed by the hilarious David Spade. Spade plays the oddball janitor who lives in a basement with such perfection that it has us chuckling the entire time. David Spade is perhaps best known for his long run on "Saturday Night Live," as well as for the various other comedic films he has appeared in.

  2. Dennis Miller. Miller portrays the famous disc jockey Zander Kelly in "Joe Dirt." Miller's character strikes up a friendship with Joe Dirt, and asks him to be a guest on his radio show. Dennis Miller is also a sports and political commentator and a stand-up comedian, in addition to being a well-known actor. 

  3. Brittany Daniel. Brittany Daniel plays the pretty blonde love-interest of Joe Dirt. Daniel has appeared in several films and television shoes, and she is well-known for playing Jessica Wakefield on the 90's hit television show, "Sweet Valley High." She has a twin sister who is also an actor and model

  4. Christopher Walken. Walken plays Clem, a former mobster who Joe Dirt works for in the film. Like David Spade, Christopher Walken has appeared on "Saturday Night Live" several times, but as a host instead of a cast member. Walken is also well-known for his odd and somewhat dark roles in over 100 films and television programs. 

  5. Brian Thompson. The role of the creepy Buffalo Bob is portrayed by Brian Thompson, a well-known action and comedy film actor. Brian Thompson can be recognized by his tall stature, strong voice, and extremely distinct jaw-line. In addition to acting in movies, Thompson has also appeared in several television shows, such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." 

  6. Jaime Pressly. The beautiful Jaime Pressly portrays the character Jill in "Joe Dirt." Pressly has appeared in more than 20 different films, and has worked as both an actress and a model. She was also briefly married to the entertainment lawyer, Simran Singh. 

  7. Kid Rock. Robert Ritchie, also known by his stage name Kid Rock, played the relentless bully in the film known as Robby. Kid Rock is a hugely famous singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. He has also dated Pamela Anderson, and the two were briefly married in 2006 for only a few months. 

- Courtney Ferry