‘I Love You Man’ Quotes: Memorable Lines from your Favorite Bro Movie

Monday, November 7 by Sidney Williams

comedy movie quotes you can find. Having lots of woman-friends and no man-friends has its disadvantages — as Peter Klaven learns in the movie “I Love You Man”. Desperate for a man-friend, Peter scours the internet, gets advice from his gay brother and a bit of help even from his mother. The movie has its twists and moments of unconventional dialogue and wit — all about Peter’s search for a best man for his upcoming wedding. Here are some memorable “I Love You Man” quotes:

"I went to dinner with a guy and he kissed me." — Peter Klaven talks about a date he had with a nice man introduced by his mother despite his gay brother’s warning about not going out on a dinner date with man-friends. Two lessons here: first, gays know more about dating men; and second, never trust mothers to pick dates for you. This is probably one of the best “I Love You Man” quotes.

"It's true, Dad loves the gays. I actually made him an honorary homo last month."– Robbie Klaven, Peter’s gay brother, was actually considered by their father as one of his two best buddies. This really got into Peter — his old man hanging out with gays but not with him. This is a very nice "I Love You Man" quote to drop every now and then.

“Good. Now gently remove your tampon and try again.” — Sydney Fife on Peter Klaven’s half-hearted “Baaaah!” in an attempt to release the animal in him.  Always brutally honest, Sydney explains to Peter the other side of being a man and hanging out with men. Contrary to what society thinks, according to Sydney, man is an animal. Setting an example for Peter, Sydney yelled in the face of passing jogger. Peter later described his own yell as “sounding like a leprechaun.” This “I Love You Man” quote is nice to carry around when having some drinks with buddies.

"Oh man, no lag between the vag?”— Sydney said on Peter when the latter found out the former was dating another girl immediately after a break-up with a previous girlfriend. It was not clear though whether Sydney was marvelling at Peter’s skill for getting girls or alluding to Peter’s foolishness of spending so much time running after girls. If one of your buddies seem to fall for every girl that he sees, saying this “I Love You Man” quote will definitely make him wonder.

“I’m 89 years old what the fuck kind of plans would I have?”– This hilarious “I Love You Man” quote was said by Mel Stein, in response to Peter's inquiry regarding Mel’s plans for the 30th of June. It immediately became apparent that Mel used a picture of his taken way back for his profile in the internet where Peter found him. Lesson learned: friendships found on the internet may be best kept on the internet. 

“I just wish I could take back that kiss. Because now I know… it was the taste of betrayal.” – An “I Love You Man” quote by Doug, Peter’s dinner date who kissed him.  Apparently, Doug thought that Peter traded him for Sidney who was with him that time. Doug lashed out at Peter, even calling him a “whore” in front of Sydney. Hell hath no fury like Doug spurned.

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