Hot Tub Time Machine Soundtrack Songs: Guilty Pleasures

Monday, October 3 by Karen Lac

The "Hot Tub Time Machine" soundtrack songs certainly aren't known for their sophistication and class. They are, however, perfectly suited for a movie about four goofballs who get sucked back to the 1980s through the magic of a peculiar hot tub. The "Hot Tub Time Machine" soundtrack songs appropriately represent everything that was memorable and cringe-worthy of the 80s. Here are five songs from the soundtrack that will get any crowd singing along.

"Jessie's Girl"

You have to admire an actor who's willing to stretch his neck out by singing a song on the soundtrack. Craig Robinson, one of the "Hot Tub Time Machine" stars, covers Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl." While the original is sung by a smooth-voiced, handsome man, Robinson's voice brings gruffness and certain ordinariness to the tracl. In the process, he makes the song about unrequited love more believable. 

"Push It"

Play "Push It" to any crowd and watch as almost everyone starts signing "push it, push it good." The characters of "Hot Tub Time Machine" certainly pushed it in the movie, a little too much in fact. The female hip hop trio Salt-n-Pepa were sassy, fun and fearless. "Push It" brought fame to the group and remains one of their most popular songs to date.

"Home Sweet Home"

Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" has been sung, after last call, by countless drunken revelers in karaoke bars across the nation. The iconic heavy metal band showed their softer side and in the process gained even more groupies.


The fifth spot for best songs from the "Hot Tub Time Machine" soundtrack goes to David Bowie's "Modern Love," which is upbeat, fun and gets the girls kicking up their heels.

-Karen Lac

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