Comedy should be good for the soul of the living and the dead and its found in abundance in the 10 best "Young Frankenstein" quotes. After the hundredth or so viewing and the spasms of laughing have subsided, it's good to dissect a movie by Mel Brooks for the best parts. Previous pun unintended, it's time to put down the pitchfork, leave the unruly mob and take a look at these quotes:

"Wait Master, it might be dangerous. You go first." Servants should be servile, but in "Young Frankenstein" the hunchback is no fool. Stating the obvious and being demure lends this quote serious perfection. Igor might just have another brain in that head of his.

"Nice working with ya." Congenial before possible monster imposed destruction makes this "Young Frankenstein" quote a keeper. A heartfelt condolence for a future of pain makes the humor shine in the mad scientist/servant dynamic. A line that doesn't lose its power no matter how many repetitions of it gets voiced.

"It's still warm." Testing the warmth of a drink or a burned out cigarette is classic movie detective work. This concept is applied to a violin that sits alone and is perfection in application. The idea of determining whether music has been played by the warmth of the instrument is one of the many perfect and perfectly askew ideas of "Young Frankenstein."

"What knockers!" Innuendo and a sight gag make for a perfect "Young Frankenstein" quote. Rarely can door handles and female parts get confused, but the inferred compliment is so well crafted that it's a joy to witness. Thankfully, there weren't any owls around for the follow up.

"Oh dear, nothing left. What should we throw in now?" A great set up line where the payoff is that there wasn't a payoff. Immediate expectation followed by a sly look at the audience gives this line some serious power. The acknowledgement of the monster is picture perfect.

"Not the third switch!" Mad science can never have too many switches to throw. Even when using lightning it's good to have some extra levers for that special boost to making monsters. Igor gives this statement the right mixture of severity and frivolity and makes it laugh out loud funny.

"Class. Is. Dismissed." Pain can be funny. Arrogant scientist self-inflicted pain is even funnier. Great delivery combined with physical slapstick makes this a terrific "Young Frankenstein" quote.

"Abby Normal?" The lesson from this line is to make sure to mark your brain jars with extra care. Leaving anything to interpretation by a bell ringer can only lead to hijinks down the road. The quizzical delivery makes this one of the best quotes in the book.

"He's going to be very popular!" Possibly before the first caveman told a "knock knock" joke there was the classic joke about the bathing suit area. "Young Frankenstein" doesn't disappoint in this area. Logically, you can't have a giant monster without super sizing everything else.

"Suit yourself. I'm easy." Humor can lie in the destruction of facades. When Igor keeps to the tradition of lisping and then disposes of it he takes the Frankenstein concept down a new road. Who would have thought proper enunciation would be such a game changer?