The songs on "The Hangover" soundtrack song list are appropriately chosen for this comedy. "The Hangover" was released in 2009 as a comedy crime movie. The stars of "The Hangover" were Justin Bartha as Doug Billings, the groom to be; Zach Galiflanakis as Alan Garner, brother of the bride to be;  Ed Helms as Dr. Stu Price, who is in a controlling relationship; Bradley Cooper as Phil Wenneck, a bored, married school teacher; Sasha Barrese as Tracy Garner, the bride to be; and Heather Graham as Jade, a single mom who is a stripper in Las Vegas. Doug Billings is off for a last boys trip before he gets married. His groomsmen are not the most responsible bunch, and during a drunken night, they lose Doug. To get him back in time for the wedding, mayhem ensues. The songs from "The Hangover" soundtrack are fitting to the crazy moments in "The Hangover."

  1. "Who Let the Dogs Out." This song was performed by the Baha Men. It played when the guys were walking to the elevator. This song was released in 2000 by the Baha Men from the album "Move It Like This." This song was originally performed by Shaggy.

  2. "Yeah!" This "The Hangover" song was performed by Usher Raymond with Ludacris and Lil Jon. It played at sunrise during the movie. "Yeah!" was originally released by Usher in 2004. This "The Hangover" soundtrack song is from the album "Confessions."

  3. "Candy Shop." The wedding band in "The Hangover" was Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band. It was the first song played at the wedding reception. The Dan Band played "Candy Shop," which was originally performed by 50 Cent. 50 Cent released "Candy Shop" in 2005 on the album "The Massacre."

  4. "Thirteen." "Thirteen" is a Hangover song performed by "Danzig." "Thirteen" was performed in "The Hangover" during the opening credits of the movie by Glenn Danzig, Chuck Bisquits, and Eerie Von. "Thirteen" was a song released on the 1999 album "6:66 Satan's Child."

  5. "It's Now or Never." This "Hangover" song was performed by El Vez as the opening song of the movie. El Vez is the stage name of Robert Lopez, an Elvis-like impersonator who also covers singers such as Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and the Beatles. "It's Now or Never" was released originally by Elvis Presley in 1960.

- Peggy Hazelwood