If you were a teenager in the 1980's and watched the “Goonies” over and over again like most, you may be wondering what happened to the “Goonies” cast. “Goonies” showcased many child actors that seemed to disappear as they got older, but during the 80's they were in every Teen, Sassy, or Bop magazine out there waiting for some teenager to tear out their pictures and hang them on their walls.

  1. Mikey Walsh was played by Sean Austin. “Goonies” was his first time on the big screen as he only appeared in television movies before that. Since then, he has had many roles, including recurring roles in “Jeremiah” , “24”, and as the voice of “Special Agent Oso”.

  2. Brand Walsh was played by Josh Brolin. "Goonies" was his first appearance in a movie. Since then he has appeared in various movies and television shows.

  3. Chuck Cohen was played by Jeff Cohen. After appearing in the movie his acting career was limited. Instead on continuing is acting career, he continued his education and graduated from UC Berkeley and then at the UCLA School of Law. In 2002, he was co-founder of the Cohen Gardner Law Firm.

  4. Mouth Devereaux was played by Corey Feldman. Since the “Goonies” he has appeared in numerous movies such as “The Lost Boys”, “Stand By Me”, “License to Drive” and many more.

  5. Andy Carmichael was played by Kerri Green. Since then, she has had sporadic roles through out the years on both television series and movies. Her other big screen roles included “Summer Rental” and “Lucas”.

  6. Stef Steinbrenner was played by Martha Plimpton. She has appeared in various movies including “Running on Empty” and “200 Cigarettes”. Her television appearance included “Fringe”, “The Good Wife”, and “Law & Order”.

  7. Data Wang was played by Jonathan Ke Quan. His actor career seems to be at a standstill with random appearances. He can also be seen in the television series “Head of the Class” or “Together We Stand”.

    -Sandy Baird