While rom-coms are generally geared towards the fairer sex, there are good romantic comedy movies for guys to enjoy as well. Good romantic comedy movies for guys tend to focus more on the man than the woman in the relationship, unlike the majority of romantic comedies. They also tend to focus on the comedy aspect above the romance. Here are some good romantic comedy movies for guys.

  1. "Annie Hall" - The film many consider to be Woody Allen's best defeated "Star Wars" as the best picture of 1977 and is an almost perfect film, a postmortem examination of a long relationship from honeymoon phase to heartbreak, with Allen's Alvy Singer remembering the love of his life, the title character played by Diane Keaton. Allen's wit and neuroses make this film both unique to his experience and universal, and the mix of laugh-out-loud humor and pathos makes it the top of our list of good romantic comedy movies for guys.

  2. "Love Actually" - The title doesn't make it look like this film would appear on a list of good romantic comedy movies for guys, but the truth of the matter is that this ensemble film set in England is told in a linked anthology format that has stories to appeal to anyone. From Bill Nighy's aging rock star appearing on a radio show to the couple whose romance blooms doing sound effects for a porn film, the laughs make this a film guys and gals can both enjoy.

  3. "Knocked Up" - Judd Apatow's story of a stoner loser who has a one-night stand with an attractive, ambitious woman working in the television industry at first just seems like a foul-mouthed gross out comedy with a baby plot stuck in the middle. Later, it grows into a genuine romantic comedy, as the main character, played by Seth Rogen, struggles with his maturity enough to be a good father and make the woman truly fall in love with him, in spite of everything else. The hilarious side characters, especiall Paul Rudd as a disgruntled husband, help make this an example of good romantic comedy movies for guys.

  4. "There's Something About Mary" - The Farrelly Brothers' gross-out opus, the story of a man who's been in love with a woman since his teen years, is full of sick gags, from the semen hair gel prominent on the film's poster and DVD cover to comedy involving retarded people. It's also a sweet romantic story, and it closes out our list of good romantic comedy movies for guys.