This list of five good romantic comedies for guys is all relative. Seriously, they are good romantic comedies but there is just no pleasing some guys. If you are looking for some good romantic comedies then you really should consider these films. Not all romantic comedies are chick flicks many of them fit the bill for the male desires in movies. These movies are funny, sexy and down right entertaining.

  1. “There's Something About Mary” What guy doesn’t like Carmen Diaz? She’s a sweet, long-legged hottie that is certain to keep any guys attention. The movie itself is a riot and very romantic. Ben Stiller plays Ted high school geek who had a thing for Mary. After some year he realizes he still is in love with her. He tracks her down and the geek fest ensues. Great characters with superb direction, this is a for sure romantic comedy that’ll be a hit with the guys.

  2. “Knocked Up” This movie was Seth Rogen’s coming out movie. Not only is this an “it could happen to you” movie it is an entertaining blast. Katherine Hiegl is an absolute sex kitten. Seth plays a fun loving, but some what plain looking, party animal who gains the nerve to talk to Hiegl at a bar. She’s had a bit too much to drink and the two tumble into a one nighter that leaves her pregnant. This is a great romantic comedy with superb actors.

  3. “Mr. Deeds” An ordinary guy becomes the heir to a multi-billion dollar empire only to lose it but become a billionaire anyway and he gets the girl! Sandler plays Mr. Deeds a common, down to earth pizzeria owner and would be poet. He embarks on a world wind ride when he discovers he is the owner (via inheritance) of a media giant. What a fun ride is this Adam Sandler romantic comedy. More comedy than romance perhaps but this is a great movie that you are sure to sit through.

  4. “The Ugly Truth” Here comes that adorable, sex-kitten Katherine Hiegl in her portrayal of an uptight network executive. She is soon to meet her match in the sexist but entertaining Gerard Butler in this give and get romantic comedy. A wonderful pair does this spiteful, sarcastic make. Entertaining from the get-go, this is a fun and contagious romantic comedy.

  5. “50 First Dates” Adam Sandler is back in this funny and sweet romantic comedy. Imagine never remembering what happened the day before or who you met. Now imagine falling for a girl like this. This movie is a sweet and funny trip through understanding, patience and true love. All that and it is funny to boot. You can’t go wrong when it comes to Adam Sandler, so pop some popcorn and enjoy.