It can be difficult to choose good "Ghostbusters" quotes because there are so many. Written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, the dialogue intertwines scientific jargon and a sarcastic attitude. The movie’s catchy slogan, “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” is just one of the elements that made this film a huge hit.

  1. “Egon, somehow this reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole in your head.” There has been a report of a ghost at the New York Public Library. Egon Spengler promises Venkman that the sighting is big, but Venkman does not believe it. Of all the "Ghostbusters" quotes uttered by Venkman, this line cements the idea that he does not take the supernatural seriously.

  2. “We're probably the first serious scientists to ever molest a dead old lady.” Venkman says to this line to Spengler and Stantz after they attempt to grab onto an apparition in the library. The ghost transformed herself from a nice old lady to a monster. The data collected from the experience leads them to believe that they could capture a ghost.

  3. “I liked the university. They gave us money, they gave us the facilities, and we didn't have to produce anything!” Rather than being lauded for their discovery, the Ghostbusters become outcasts in the academic community. The dean at Columbia University tells them they must leave the campus. Stantz explains his hopelessness to Venkman about the situation.  

  4. “If you have a ghost, but you don't want to play host. You can't sleep at all, so who do you call ... Ghostbusters.” The gang decides that they must enter the commercial sector in order to stay in business. A family sings the praises of Ghostbusters during an ad. One of the catchiest "Ghostbusters" quotes, this line inspired the theme song to the movie.

  5. “It slimed me!” A New York hotel calls Ghostbusters after guests complain about a haunting. The crew tries to confront the apparition, which causes Venkman to get attacked. Undoubtedly, this line is one of the most famous "Ghostbusters" quotes.

  6. “Have you seen Elvis and how is he?” Talk show host Joe Franklin asks Stantz about the departed singer during an interview. This line appears in a montage during the movie. The Ghostbusters achieve nationwide fame.

  7.  “Janine, I'm sure a woman with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top flight job in the housekeeping or food service industry.” With the success of their business, the Ghostbusters staff is busier than ever. Venkman becomes annoyed with Janine after she requests more help on her job. Of all the "Ghostbusters" quotes, this line could easily be slipped into conversations.

  8. “Are you the Gatekeeper?” Louis, possessed by a ferocious dog, tries to communicate with a horse in Central Park. A coachman shoos him away with a joke. Louis runs into traffic, in his crazed attempt to find the Gatekeeper.

  9. “Are you the Keymaster?” In this "Ghostbusters" quote, a possessed Dana asks Venkman if he is the demon she has been trying to find. Venkman expected to have a date with her. When Venkman demands that the demon leave Dana's body, she levitates.

  10. “It's ... It's ... It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. I tried to think of the most harmless thing, something that could never destroy us, something I loved from my childhood.” Stantz exclaims, as he witnesses the giant figure heading toward them. The innocent figure wearing a sailor's hat comes to destroy the crew. This scene contains many Stay-Puft Marshmallow "Ghostbusters" quotes that are often repeated by fans.