Get ready to learn about the zany, crazy and hilarious "Soul Plane" cast that made this cornball movie so enjoyable. "Soul Plane" was released in 2004 and is a new take on the original side splitting 1980 comedy "Airplane." "Soul Plane" is the story of an all African American owned and run airline with a pimped-out plane that sets out on its maiden flight with chaos on its horizon. Here is some of the talented cast of "Soul Plane."

Kevin Hart (Nashawn). The zany Hart is "Prince" short, standing just 5ft 4 1/2 inches tall. Kevin is from Philadelphia. He was a shoe salesman before winning a few comedy contests that prompted him to try his hand at a career in Hollywood. Lucky for Hollywood, Kevin steals every scene in every movie that he's in, no matter how short. Kevin plays Nashawn, the main character in "Soul Plane." Nashawn is a young man who was humiliated on a flight and then successfully sues the airline for big money. Nashawn decides to start his own airline. His vision is to fly people in a friendly and comfortable environment, but that proves to be easier planned than done. Kevin Hart had a small role opposite Ben Stiller in the 2010 movie "Little Fockers."

Tom Arnold (Mr. Hunkee). Veteran funnyman Tom Arnold, who nowadays looks like he has a permanent mohawk, plays a protective/square father on a trip with his son and daughter. The last name "Hunkee" doesn't work for him while aboard the Soul Plane, but he only gets sideways stares after his name is discovered. Hunkee spends the entire flight trying to make sure his seventeen year old daughter remains a virgin for the length of the flight. Hunkee also has his hands full with his thug wannabe teenage son. Arnold's career took off after he entered and took first place in the Minneapolis Comedy Competition. He is probably best know as Arnie Thomas on the 1988 TV sitcom "Roseanne." Tom is originally from Iowa.

Snoop Dogg (Captain Mack). Snoop probably didn't have to do much by way of getting into character for "Soul Plane," at least not when it was shot. He plays Captain Mack the pilot, who lies about having flown planes before in order to land the job. Then to make matters worse, at 30,000 ft., Captain Mack looks out of the cockpit window and almost faints. Now he decides it's time to tell his co-pilot and Nashawn that he's afraid of heights. Captain Mack regains composure by smoking massive amounts of weed while flying Nashawn's Soul Plane to its destination. Snoop Dogg is from Long Beach, CA and is one of the most successful Gangsta Rappers in the game today.

Method Man (Muggsy). Method Man plays Muggsy, Nashawn's cousin who should have been left on the ground before takeoff. Muggsy is sure to single-handedly destroy his cousin's airline by running a gambling casino and strip club on the Soul Plane. Muggsy isn't trying to sabotage Nashawn's efforts, he's just too "street" and clueless to understand how a legit business is supposed to be run. Method Man is a rapper from Staten Island, NY who got his start with the hip-hop group Wu-Tang  Clan in the early 1990s. Before he started rapping, Method worked at The Statue of Liberty; he also sold drugs. Method Man has also appeared on screen in the movies "Garden State" (2004), "How High" (2001) and "My Baby's Daddy" (2004) to name a few. He has been very successful as an actor and his comedic timing is great.

K.D Aubert (Giselle). Giselle is the strikingly beautiful love interest of Nashawn. K.D. Aubert's role in "Soul Plane" was to be a very desirably woman. K.D. Aubert was born in Shreveport, LA and raised in California. Aubert was discovered while working at Macy's behind a makeup counter. She is a former fashion model who is sometimes referred to as "The black Angelina Jolie." She has also appeared in music videos and on television.

- Tyrone Cousin