Perhaps they won’t ever top the billboards, but these funny songs from movies deserve their share of recognition. Some of the catchy tunes may get a bit irreverent in subject matter.

  1. “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.” In the 2008 comedy “Hamlet 2,” an unsuccessful drama teacher pulls his students into a gasp-worthy production that claims to be the sequel to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” At the heart of the show is the funny song “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.” Sure, the audience is bound to be offended; but Jesus owns the stage with his dance moves.  

  2. “Pop! Goes My Heart.” In the romantic comedy “Music and Lyrics,” Hugh Grant stars as Alex Fletcher, a washed up pop singer. At the beginning of the movie, you’ll get a sample of Alex’s skills in a music video for the funny song “Pop! Goes My Heart.” The scene is a perfect parody of a cheesy 80’s pop song.

  3. “Always Look on Bright Side of Life.” “Hamlet 2” isn’t the only movie with a sacrilegious musical interlude. At the end of Monty Pyton’s “Life of Brian,” a gang of crucified men sings this cheerful tune. You may end up whistling this funny song long after the movie is over.

  4. “Springtime for Hitler.” In 1968, Mel Brooks directed “The Producers,” a film about two producers trying to make an offensive musical production. “Springtime for Hitler,” a funny song complete with tap dancing Nazi officers, is the main event of their scheme.

  5. “The Spanish Inquisition.” Mel Brooks is also responsible for this charming number. This darkly humorous, yet unquestionably jazzy performance, takes place in a torture chamber in “The History of the World: Part 1.”

Along with these songs, be on the lookout for movies that feature covers of actual songs. For example, the rendition of “Just the Two of Us” in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and Heath Ledger’s version of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” in “Ten Things I Hate About You” are priceless musical moments in cinema.

- Sheldon Reid