Finding some funny romantic movies to watch on a date can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Guys want a movie where they won’t be bored to death and girls want something that doesn’t include two hours of car chases and explosions or female leads that their date will ogle throughout the entire film. So, with that in mind, here are some great romantic comedies for both you and your date to set your evening off right.

  1. “Shakespeare in Love.” Not only is this a funny romantic movie to watch on a date, but it’s also one of the most clever films released that year. Winner of  seven Oscars, it tells the story of a young, perpetually broke William Shakespeare trying to write the one play that will really start his career and the young woman who goes to great lengths to be in that play despite the ban on women in the theater.

  2. “A Knight’s Tale.” Although somewhat tragic now that the lead actor, Heath Ledger, has passed away, it’s still a funny romantic movie to watch on a date because it’s all about knights in shining (and not so shining) armor. Ledger plays a young squire who makes up a knighthood for himself in order to compete in jousting tournaments and win fame and fortune for himself. It’s also the only medieval movie that incorporates Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in a very creative way.

  3. “Ever After.” In this funny romantic movie that is great to watch on a date, director Andy Tennant updates the legend of Cinderella for a modern audience. However, instead of just making it a chick flick, there is a fair amount of action and some quality acting by Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston.

  4. “The Princess Bride.” Who can forget one of the best fairy tales ever put to film. Not only is this a funny romantic movie to watch on a date, it’s also a swashbuckling adventure of a pirate who is not who he seems to be, a heartfelt tale of a young woman who is mourning her lover, and a revenge drama of a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

  5. “Easy A.” Much like “Ever After,” this funny romantic movie to watch on a date is a re-telling of a classic piece of literature: “The Scarlet Letter,” something that’s obvious since the lead character, played by Emma Stone, pretty much tells you just that at several points during the movie. In this update, her character is accused by her peers of being a slut, but instead on fighting it, she turns it into her new reputation to see how far she can go.

  6. “Say Anything.” If you’re a fan of 80’s funny romantic movies you should watch on a date, you must see this early Cameron Crowe classic about the exploits of hapless Lloyd Dobbler and his quest to get the girl of his dreams despite the fact that everything is stacked against him. The scene of him outside his lady’s house with the boombox over his head is still one of the most iconic scenes in romantic comedy history.

  7. “The American President.” Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin is respected throughout Hollywood for his ability to take an ordinary script and turn it into something extraordinary. This is also the case here in this funny romantic movie to watch on a date. Sorkin tells the story of a widowed President (played by Michael Douglas) who woos a young woman (played by Annette Bening) who happens to be a lobbyist.

- Mark Dodson